Eyes on Aiming: Throw With Accuracy

Learn to Sharpen Your Darts Game With These Helpful Aiming Techniques

Boy taking aim with dart
Cultura/Seb Oliver / Getty Images

With so many components of a darting action to build, sometimes we can forget the simplest things when it comes to throwing with success.

When it comes to aiming the dart at the desired destination, many people don't give it enough thought. By simply pointing the dart at where you want it to go, people think it is then all about the action, or the stance. Wrong! Aiming plays just as important a role, and don't underestimate how important it is to aim with real focus. With that in mind, we've put some tips together to help you aim with real precision.

Again, aiming is not the sole thing you should focus on in your darting action. People believe that aiming darts is natural, and therefore requires little or no effort when it comes to practicing and playing darts. That is a myth. With our tips, hopefully, you can develop the aiming skills that are required to play darts at a good level, and use them in your practice and in your games. 

Get a Dart SightLine Sorted

Take your grip on your dart. We all grip them differently, but that can play into your hands when you're trying to aim with accuracy. You can find a sight line from the way you grip your dart, and use it to align your aim even more. It could be a knuckle on your hand that sticks up when you grip the dart.

It could be your little finger, which may not touch the dart when you are throwing it. Or in fact, it could be the dart itself. To boost your aiming accuracy, it could be an advantage to try and use the tip of the dart as an aiming marker.

That's what a sight line is in darts. It's something that will help you focus on your aiming that little bit more, and help those darts be just a little bit more consistent. Try it out in your practice regimes!

Stick Your Elbow In!

Well, not literally of course. More theoretically. Simply speaking, use your elbow to your advantage when you're trying to aim with more precision. Take some other sports, for example. Baseball pitchers use their elbow to throw the ball with precision, by leading the pitch with it.

In darts, you can apply a similar technique. Make sure you are aware of where your elbow is on your throwing arm, and where it is pointing. It should be up and be pointing directly at the dartboard. You don't want an elbow that is pointing downwards because that will make the dart become more wayward.

The elbow is the key to your darting action or at least one main component of it. It is the first thing that moves when you start to throw, and it is a huge pivot in the overall darts action. Your elbow leads the process of the entire action, so make sure you use it to your advantage.