Throwing a Game Show Party

Throwing a party for a birthday, anniversary, or another other big occasion? Or maybe you or someone you know is going to be on a game show as a contestant and you want to celebrate with a viewing party. No matter the reason, game shows lend themselves well to party themes. Their atmosphere is fun and exciting, and the games themselves can be easily adapted to home play in many cases.

Use the following resources to plan all of the elements of your party, from the invitations to the decor to the games you play. Whether you're basing the event on a specific game show or are using a number of different shows for an overall game show theme, there's plenty of fodder here to work with.

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Invitations for a Game Show Party

Pat Sajak and Vanna White celebrate Wheel of Fortune's 25th Anniversary
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Set the scene for a great game show party with the invitations. Part of getting this right includes the wording on the inside of the invites, so spend some time planning the perfect words to get your guests excited to attend.

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Party Games

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Playing games at a game show party is a given. Why else would you use this type of theme? There are plenty of ways to adapt your favorite shows to at-home play. Make sure you plan these out well and get any prep work done early so you can spend time on other elements of your gathering.

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Music and Sound Effects

Family Feud. Disney Celebrity Family Feud

No party would be complete without music. At a game show party, you want to provide not only themed tunes but also sound effects, especially when you're playing the games themselves. Get your audio here.

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Party Decorations

Home Jeopardy Party
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Dress up your space with some themed party decorations. Whether you want to go all out or prefer a few well-placed items, you can find lots of inspiration from the games themselves. Check out these purchased and DIY solutions.

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Halloween Party Games


Throwing a party for Halloween? Games from Minute to Win It is the perfect activity. They can be used for all ages and skill levels, and many of them are easy to complete even if your guests are all in costume. Get your one-minute timer ready, grab some easy-to-find supplies, and play these games at your Halloween event.

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Christmas Parties with a Game Show Twist

christmas crackers

Are your Christmas parties starting to get stale? Does the office party feel like the same old, same old every year? Perk up your Yuletide gatherings with some fun and festive game show additions.

Plan For Fun

Game show parties are almost guaranteed to be fun because that's what game shows are all about. Start planning early so you can test all of your games, work out any kinks in the process, and get things like music and sound effects working with ease. Your guests are sure to have a great time and remember what a terrific host you are if you put a bit of time and effort into making sure that everything runs smoothly at your party.