Four Ways to Update an Old Tattoo

Is your tattoo looking a little shabby? Check out the top three ways you can update an old tattoo.

Perhaps you got your ink decades ago, back when tribal and flowers were the Infinity and feather tattoos of today.

Of course the design sort of dates you and your style, but perhaps you really don't want a cover-up tattoo because let's face it,​ first tattoos are allowed to be sort of generic and they can hold a special meaning. Not everyone wants to erase all the traces of an old tattoo.

This is how you can update an old tattoo so that your design screams of the times.

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Add Color

A tattooed man sits in a terrarium shop.
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Freshening up the color in an old tattoo with instantly make it better. All tattoos will fade over time, which is why it is especially important to protect your ink with an SPF30 sunscreen whenever you venture to great outdoors.

In the meantime adding more color to your tattoo can also change its style. Today artists have a huge selection of bright and bold tattoo inks, so book an appointment with a trusted tattoo professional and allow him to enhance your old tattoo through new hues.

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Make it Larger

Perhaps you still love your classic rose tattoo but it's looking a little dinky in comparison to today's larger body pieces.

You can keep your original tattoo design and ask your trusted tattoo artist to enlarge it and add perhaps some more petals to the bloom. If you're happy with the original design concept and of course your tattoo placement, enlarging an old tattoo is a simple suggestion that will change the look of your tattoo ever so slightly.

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Add Details

Perhaps that snake tattoo curled up on your shoulder blade has lost a bit of its charm.

A talented tattoo artist knows it's always in the details! Perhaps you need to add shading, reshape the snake's eye, or even draw a basket by its side. There are so many ways an old tattoo can benefit from a few well-placed and considered design additions.

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Add Verses

Script tattoos are some of the most requested tattoo styles. Adding a simple verse or a quote to your existing tattoo will help update the look and even the style of your design. If you have a cross tattoo why not consider a Biblical psalm? Are you wearing a heart tattoo? How about adding a quote about love?

Whenever you opt for a script tattoo design make sure you select an artist's whose handwriting you actually like. There's perhaps nothing worse than an illegible or botched verse tattoo, which is why you always want to double check the spelling too.

If you're going to take the time to update your tattoo and enhance its design, it's crucial you also find the right artist this time around.

Look at portfolios, new or cover-up work. Ask them questions about how they can change your old tattoo ever so slightly just by making a few simple design enhancements.

While covering up an old tattoo is likely the more popular solution, there are many, MANY tattoos that can survive a lifetime just by giving them a little more attention. So freshen up all that faded ink, add a few intricate design details, and don't forget to double check all of the changes before inking them the second time around.

Everyone deserves a second shot, and that includes you and your tattoo! If you're embarrassed of your design circa 1999, then modernize it and bring it back into the future.