Three-Putt Poker

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As described in a Golf Digest article, Three-Putt Poker is a golf betting game that combines an element of poker with the golfers' performance on the greens.

Three-Put Poker

At the beginning of a round of golf, the members of the group ante up the opening bet (say $5 each) and each member is dealt one playing card. On each green of the front nine, any golfer ​who takes three putts or more on a hole is required to add to the pot (for a $5 initial bet, a 3-putt can require $1 more to the pot). But each golfer who records a 1-putt is dealt an additional playing card.

At the end of the front nine, the golfer whose cards yield the best poker hand wins the pot. And the game starts over for the second nine.

The amount of the bet is, of course, up to the group members. For a $1 initial bet, additions to the pot as a result of 3-putts might be a quarter. For a $10 initial bet, perhaps $2.

And just as with regular poker, Lady Luck plays a big part. One golfer might earn five more cards while another earns no additional cards, but it's still possible for that one card to win the pot if no other golfers can beat it.

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Alternate Spellings: 3-Putt Poker