Three Magic Gifts of Leo

Credit: debibishop / Getty Images.

One of Leo's magic gifts is to free the chained spirit, with its enthusiasm.  Leo is passionate, and that word, interestingly, comes from the Latin root passio, a word that originally meant suffering. 

Leo has the creative force of the Sun, AND a strong will to persevere through any suffering that comes up when walking the true path of the heart.  Sometimes that involves a sacrifice, too, or a trial by fire. 

The force of Leo is bigger than the personality, and it's the life-giving Sun (Leo's planetary ruler).  Astrologer Per Gullfoss writes that Leo's on the spiritual path realize that the Sun force is unlimited, and it moves through them, and that's freeing.   

Gullfoss writes in The Book of Spiritual Astrology, "It is important to see that the reward for sharing energy, warmth, enthusiasm, and joy with others is being able to give even more of the same.  The more you give, the more you have."

One - The Power of Passion

Whenever I get stuck in a rut, it's amazing to relearn again and again, it's because I've lost the spontaneous moment  It's like I've changed, but I'm going through the motions and not adjusting to who I am in each new moment.  The deadness of inertia is often due to holding on to a fixed idea of what I'm supposed to be doing. 

I recently discovered a young teacher of German who stresses learning through humor and passion.  Through his Authentic German Learning site, he shares on whatever hits him that day, so students learn by being engaged with what he's saying, not how he's saying it. 

One day he's talking about making smoothies, the next he's playing Skyrim, or posing a philosophical question.  What makes it so engaging is that he's sharing what animates him, and that's contagious.

And he's inspired me to see how that's true with all things, like Astrology, for example.  Instead of ticking off my list of "to-dos," I'll have more energy going with what's alive for me now.  

Leo's magic is that infusion of vitality you get when you're heart is in it.  You get the fire sign physical stamina, when you walk out of the stale, lifeless situation, and stand in the aliveness of the moment!  

Two - Natural Aristocracy

Leo takes us out of the cult of mediocrity, and dares us to be excellent.  If you're in school, the culture may be one of slacking off, nihilism and the idiocracy.  

Leo dignity elevates, and promotes the model of the meritocracy.  The season of Leo gets you thinking about desired goals, and with a lot of drama!  The suffering can be from wanting something so much!   

Leo rules the heart, and when on the trail of big dreams, can be stouthearted -- fiercely determined.  This is the creation of a nobility of heart, through actions and honor. 

 I like this quote from Thomas Paine on this kind of courage.  He said,  “I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.”

Three - The Power of the Central Star

Leo's strong magic is an antidote to a culture that pulls us into the celebrity lives of others.  Leo is proud and self-centered enough to defy knowing more about the "stars" of Hollywood than she knows about herself and her family. 

Leo's vibrant colors can inspire others, to resist being assimilated into the grey borg or into synthetic culture.  The 'change of consciousness' Leo offers is to be the titular character in this adventure, whatever that takes.  And it takes a very strong will! -- the will of a fixed fire sign! 

Leo reminds us that we're here to be exactly who we are, not mimic someone else.  Leo month gives us that boost, so we're full of ourselves, in a way that's natural.  When a lot of Leo is afoot, it's time to come back to the authentic self, and its pure colors, and resist being painted over by a conforming culture of sameness. 

Fake it 'Til You Make It

In closing, Leo strikes me as having the magical instinct for make-believe, and "acting as if" something is already true.  This is handy when you're wanting to step into a new, but daunting role. 

 In Leo (Sun) month, the sunny outbursts can jumpstart you out of inertia, and into the new role of the alive moment!  Best wishes to all Leos out there, especially my 'little' Leo sister Catherine, as I write this on her Solar Return day.