Threading Versus Waxing Eyebrows

Which Is a Best Friend to the Sensitive Eye Area?

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Threading versus waxing. Which is the better choice for an eyebrow shaping?

Many women get their brows waxed at thousands of salons across the country and at home. For some, it works wonderfully. They might get a little pink, but they have no real redness or soreness. They love that they can get it done at the same salon where they get their haircut and that someone else can do the work shaping their brows to perfection pretty quickly.

Then there are those who are red and puffy for hours. It ends up being a fairly bad experience- regardless of the tech or wax they try.

Threading, however, can often be a great choice over waxing. Often it works well and is a gift to those with Rosacea, and just down right thin or sensitive skin.

What's the Difference?

Waxing and threading both have the aim of removing the entire hair from the follicle, providing a couple of weeks worth of hair-free skin. Threading uses a string to remove hair, whereas a wax-based resin is placed on the skin and then taken off to rid hair with waxing. 

Why the Sensitive Prone are Turning to Eyebrow Threading

Less contact with the skin. Threading has little to no contact with the skin. However, waxing tugs at the skin when the hair is removed because it's placed on it. This can really irritate sensitive skin making it turn pink to extremely red (read more side effects of waxing).

Stop seeing red. The skin mostly gets red because of the wax tugging at the skin, not the actual removal of the hair. If you do get pink from threading, it usually goes away within the hour.

Delicate skin. The skin around the eyes is thinner than other parts of the body, and can get easily irritated from waxing even if it doesn't bother other body zones.

Threading eyebrows is a true life saver for hair removal in the eye area as so many women use anti-aging products in this zone.

No contraindications Threading eyebrows doesn't remove the top layer of skin like waxing. People that use Retin-A or take other medications that conflict with waxing, can often still get threading. Please check with your dermatologist first before trying any form of hair removal.

Burn-free method. Most waxes are used warm, but can be heated up too much and burn the skin resulting in extreme pain and scabby skin. There's no chance of getting scorched with threading.

Threading Eyebrows, Product Free Hair Removal

No Chemicals. Threading solely uses a string to remove the hair, unlike waxing that contains resins and preservatives. Artificial fragrances and ingredients are a foe to many with sensitive skin, causing irritation.

Little to no chance of an allergic reaction. Sometimes having an allergic reaction is mistaken as sensitivity. Waxes are often based on a certain ingredient like lavender, tea tree, chocolate, acai berry and the list goes on and on. With threading, there's no need to worry. You do have to check with the tech if they use something to cleanse the skin before threading.

Watch Out for This

While threading can be wonderful for being chemical-free and precise eyebrow shaping, it does rank high up on the list in the pain department. The discomfort is subjective and it does depend on the tech and the type of string they use. For many women, any extra discomfort outweighs the irritation or redness they normally get from waxing. You can use a numbing cream which will help take off the edge. Be sure to read directions fully before using. 

Another Sweet Option

Sugaring is another option that is known to be one of the least painful options that uplifts the hair from the follicle. It's also natural and is wonderful for those with sensitive skin.

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