12 Things Young Adults Should Have in Their Lives

woman writing in planner

As we grow into adulthood, many things that we do regularly become habit after years of repetition, and learning new skills, while sometimes daunting, are often necessary to stay current and aware of the world around us. For example, where once we read a daily newspaper, delivered to our door each morning, many now turn to online resources for information. What are the skills that Millennials and 20 something young adults should have?

A five year plan 

Whatever your age, it's always a good idea to have goals, plans, dreams and ideas for the future. There's no need to live and die by these things, but seeing a future and planning for it are helpful in feeling in control of your life.

A current passport 

Even if you have no plans to visit any faraway places anytime soon, having a passport not only is a smart thing to do for legal purposes, just knowing you have one can encourage adventure in your life. With a passport, you can go anywhere.

A cause you believe in

Finding something to believe in and give time or money to - from pet adoption to being a big brother or big sister - is not only a positive thing to do for the community, but an excellent way to get out and see the world beyond your narrow scope. 

A good suit or a little black dress

Always be prepared for a last-minute job interview, dinner date or other special event. Having one go-to nice outfit will make it easy to accept invitations that are unexpected or unusual.

A book on the nightstand

Whether it's on an electronic device or an old fashioned hard-back, having something that you are currently reading - even if it's only once in a while - is a good idea. 

A mentor

Though not always easy to find, a mentor can be one of the most valuable people a young adult can meet during the early years of his or her career. Not only is a mentor someone to learn from, ask questions of and be inspired by, but a mentor can help keep you accountable for work habits and commitment.

A toolbox and skills to use what's inside

Having a toolbox doesn't mean keeping a handsaw or an electric drill handy. A hammer, nails, a multi-head screwdriver, some duct tape and a measuring tape are really all that anyone needs starting out. However, knowing how to use these things - how to properly hang a picture, how to tighten a screw in a door hinge - can save money, time and aggravation.

A ride or die

If you don't know what a ride or die is, it's a best friend to the nth degree. The person who will always have your back, always take your call, always be on your side. During the crazy, single, 20 something years, a ride or die can make all the difference in the world.

A quality headshot

With so much time spent online, from job sites to social media, having a great photo is not really an choice anymore - it's a necessity. If budget doesn't allow for professional pictures, get an objective friend to take dozens of shots and then pick the best - but with so many young freelancers, finding a reasonably priced photographer shouldn't be difficult.

Make a good cup of coffee

Yes, you can go to Starbuck's or another pricey coffee shop and pay $4.00 for your chosen caffeinated beverage, but isn't it more economical - and convenient - if you know how to brew a cup - or pot - yourself? 

Scramble eggs

In a pinch, scrambled eggs and toast are the perfect meal. Finding your favorite method of making scrambled eggs may take a little trial and error, but once you get it you'll never forget.

A personal elevator pitch

Having a professional elevator pitch is important, but having a personal one can be just as necessary. Who you are, what you do, what you love - you shouldn't have to fumble around to introduce yourself. You may never use it, but just having the bullet points in your head can make any social situation a whole lot more comfortable.