10 Things You Never Knew About The Notorious B.I.G.

The Notorious B.I.G.

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How well do you know The Notorious B.I.G.? For instance, did you also know that Biggie once opened shows for 2Pac? Did you know that he narrowly escaped a drug bust and had experimented with corny stage monikers? Unless you're Lil Cease (Biggie's BFF) or Violetta (Biggie's mom), here are some things you probably didn't know about Christopher Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls. After all, you never know when you might have to tap your hip-hop knowledge for Trivia Night. 

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"I Got a Story to Tell" Was Based on a True Story (Well... Sorta)

It's one of Biggie's most memorable tracks: "I Got a Story to Tell," where Biggie details an account of bedding an NBA player's girlfriend. It was such a descriptive tale that some wondered if it was based on a true story. Some fictional bits notwithstanding (NBA games don't get rained out, yo), it's based on a true story. Former Knick guard John Starks, long suspected of being the victim, confirmed the story but says he never met Biggie. "It wasn't me," he told ESPN's Highly Questionable. "I know who it happened to, but I'm not gonna say."

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Biggie and Tupac Were Friends

One of the tragedies of the Biggie vs 2Pac feud is that it destroyed their friendship. Both Biggie and 2Pac were originally from the east coast. Biggie used to open for 2Pac, and Pac addressed Biggie by his first name, Christopher. Biggie even visited 2Pac at the hospital when he was shot the first time. He met Pac's dad and offered his help, if needed. Unfortunately, the Sith Lord whispered in Pac's ear and convinced him Biggie was behind that shooting.

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The Real Frank White Pranked Him

Biggie's alias, Frank White, was inspired by Christopher Walken's character in King of New York. The real Frank White (Christopher Walken) once called Biggie's hotel room and left a message: "Hey, this is the real King of New York. Call me."

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Christopher and Shawn Had Something in Common

And no, it's not what you think. Everyone knows that Jay Z and his mentor Biggie are both from Brooklyn. But did you know that Biggie and Jay Z also went to the same high school? Both attended Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School in BK.

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He Nearly Got Busted

Biggie was in a state of penury, even after signing to Bad Boy. He was in a trap house in North Carolina hustling when Diddy sent him a ticket to return to New York. The trap house was raided the next day, its occupants arrested and jailed.

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The 10 Crack Commandments Was Written by a Drug Dealer

The 10 Crack Commandments, one of Biggie's most popular songs, was inspired by a crack dealer's version of the rules in the July 1994 issue of The Source.

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He Was an A Student

Biggie was no slouch. His mother, Violetta Wallace, says Christopher White was a good student who regularly notched As. 

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"Juicy" Was Fictional

Oh, and that rhyme about living in a one-room shack with no food on the table, Ms. Wallace says that was Biggie using his poetic license. "There was not a single day that I did not put food on the table," she says in the documentary Tupac & Biggie.

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His First Stage Name Was What?

Biggie's first rap moniker was MC Quest. He would eventually switch to Biggie Smalls. When another rapper laid claim to Biggie Smalls, he changed his name once again to The Notorious B.I.G. But he loves it when you call him Big Poppa.

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He Never Won a Grammy

Biggie joins the likes of 2Pac and Busta Rhymes as hip-hop greats who have never won a Grammy award. In fact, Macklemore has more Grammys than Biggie, 2Pac, Busta Rhymes and DMX combined.