Consider This Before Coloring Gray Hair

Some things to think about

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For many people, going gray can be a real blow to the self-confidence and to some, gray hair is associated with old age. Conversely, many people consider a full head of gray hair to be quite appealing. Many of us have chosen not to go gray gracefully and have turned to the bottle for help. Of course, I'm talking about the bottle of color. Before you decide to color your gray hair, consider the following first:

A Professional Will Almost Always Produce Better Results

While there are several at-home coloring kits, a professional colorist will be able to mix exactly the right color formula to ensure a natural-looking result.  Doing this on your own is definitely possible, but expect better results from a professional.

Regular Coloring Can Be Expensive

Depending on how often you plan on coloring your hair, and what region of the country you live in, getting this done on a regular basis can get quite expensive and add up over time.

Natural Color Can Be Hard to Achieve at Home

For any type of color service, I recommend seeking the services of a professional as the results will almost always be more natural. I realize that, for some, this option can be prohibitively expensive. Should you choose to color at home, purchase a product specifically designed to target grays, always do a patch test, and follow the instructions exactly. You'll achieve a more natural result if your hair is a "standard" color.

I will almost always recommend avoiding the use of chemicals which alter the hair's state or color. Instead, it is my feeling that you should find a hair-stylist who can create a style that looks great with the natural hair you have. A trendy haircut will give you a more youthful look. This approach is far cheaper and easier to maintain than regularly coloring your hair with chemical services.

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