10 Things Every Redhead Should Know

A Redhead's Guide to Better Hair Color

Calling all redheads; natural or artificial having red hair comes with a price. While there is a difference between women who were born with their red locks and voluntary redheads, there are some things you should know about red hair, especially if you ever intend to change it.

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Your Hair Will be Envied

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Whether you were born with red hair or acquired your red hair at a salon, the color will be envied by hoards of women who wish they could pull the look of. Truth be told, there's a red shade for everyone (in my opinion) but it's kind of like when you get a pixie cut, everyone secretly wishes to be as daring but few women actually go through with it.

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People Will Question the Authenticity of Your Red Hair

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No matter what shade of red you're sporting, people will question your red hair, ask if it's natural, and inevitably someone will ask you if, "the carpet matches the drapes." Redheads learn quickly how unoriginal people truly are, and how to take the repetition with a grain of salt.

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Highlights Can Be Dangerous

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Highlighting red hair can absolutely mean the difference between something beautiful and something very, very orange, brassy, or otherwise awful. Do your research on your colorist before you trust your red hair to highlights, ladies.

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People Will Assume that You're Irish

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You could have the most blatant of German surnames, but every redhead gets asked if they're of Irish heritage at some point in her life. Whether you're Irish or not, I suggest embracing this, especially on St. Patrick's Day.

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Getting Someone to Color Over Red Hair is Impossible

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Especially if your hair is naturally red, but enhanced redheads will find this true as well; no one wants to color over that red hair color. Why? Well, getting the red out can be a difficult process and every single redhead will process color differently. As a stylist, red hair alterations can be very stressful. Again, do your research and find a stylist that's comfortable with red hair before you make a color appointment.

If you're a natural redhead, you'll probably discover that finding someone to color your hair is not only difficult for skill reasons, but many hairstylists have a hard time coloring over such beautiful color that's nearly impossible to recreate artificially. You'll hear, "please don't change that beautiful red color," over and over again.

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Your Hair Color will Define You

Nicknames like "Red," "Ginger," "Lucy," "Annie," and "Carrot-top" will follow you around your entire life and every single person that starts calling you by said nickname will assume that they are both clever and original. You'll learn to smile and nod eventually.

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The Love/Hate Relationship with Red Hair Color

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If you choose to color your hair red you will have one of two problems with your favorite red hue; getting it out, or getting it to stay. There's no real telling which way your hair will go until you color your hair red. Some people's hair holds onto red hair color until it's cut off, other people can't keep it from fading away no matter what they try.

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Pop Culture Will Beat You Up

With little thanks to South Park, your red hair will give you reputations of being soulless, heartless, and of having a fierce temper. There's also a long list of redhead myths that have found their way through the internet and pop culture alike. Don't worry, as often as you're been told that red heads are becoming extinct and you can't wear red clothes with red hair, you can go ahead and continue to ignore all that. Nonsense.

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Define Red

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Before you see a hairstylist for a red hair color appointment, it is incredibly important to define what you see as the color red. What you see as red, may be a warm tone in the eyes of a colorist. You don't want to go in for a subtle strawberry blond color and come out looking like a ripe strawberry. Specific examples of red color are really important when consulting with your colorist.

Here's another red headed tip: if a hairstylist has ever told you that your hair tends to "pull red," share that information before you go in for a new color as well.

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Makeup Can Be Impossible

Finding makeup colors from foundation to blush and mascara to the right eye brow pencil can be a daunting task for redheads. All that warmth in your red hair can make finding makeup colors that don't look too gold or orange a monumental task. Natural redheads often have pale skin tones and freckles to contend with as well. Check out these tips for choosing makeup to match your hair color.