These 10 Thigh-High Stockings Will Stay Up

No Garter Belt Needed With These Styles

Thigh-high stockings are sexy, super feminine, and more comfortable than pantyhose. But sometimes they turn into drooping nightmares that leave you hitching them up all day (or night) long. That's inconvenient and does a number on your appearance confidence in the bargain. One suggestion is to wear a garter belt to keep them up. That idea basically went out in the 1960s when pantyhose took over the stockings scene. And oh, what a relief that was. So if you don't want to wear a garter belt, the best thing to do is to scope out which thigh-highs stay up the best. 

Thigh-high stockings with stay-up or hold-up features that feature silicone grips under the tops are designed to stay up and in place without the aid of a garter belt. Check out this list of stay-up thigh-highs.

Suntime Bronze Effect Diamond Top by Oroblu

Suntime Bronze Effect Thigh Highs, Diamond Top Hold Ups by Oroblue.
Photo © UK Tights

These Suntime Bronze Effect Diamond Top Hold-Ups by Oroblu, an Italian hosiery maker, are made for summer. They're sheer but designed to help make your legs appear tan or bronze, depending on your skin tone and which color you buy. They're also available in black. The wide band at the top of each leg has a criss-cross diamond pattern design that has elastic fibers to keep these thigh-highs in place.

Velvet Deluxe by Wolford

Wolford's 'Velvet DeLuxe' Thigh Highs.
Photo © Nordstrom

These are Wolford's Velvet Deluxe thigh-highs that come in sexy black for day or night. These thigh-high stockings have Wolford's specially designed comfort gripper' underneath the textured stripes at the top of each leg.

Pretty Polly 10 Denier Gloss

Pretty Polly's 10 Denier Gloss Thigh High Stockings.
Photo © Nordstrom

These Pretty Polly 10 Denier Gloss thigh-highs come in nude and black and have a wide band of stretchy lace that covers ​silicone adhesive at the top designed to make sure they don't slip.

Dalia Hold-Ups by Max Mara

'Dalia' Hold Ups by Max Mara
Photo © UK Tights

These Dalia Hold-Ups by Max Mara are made from microfiber and will feel extremely soft against your legs. A soft knit band at the top is designed to keep them up.

Firm All the Way by Berkshire

'Firm all the Way' Sheer Thigh Highs by Berkshire Shaping Hosiery
Photo © Macy's

As part of Berkshire's line of shaping hosiery, these Firm all the Way sheer thigh-highs have staying power throughout the entire leg, not just at the top. They are designed to provide graduated compression to tone and shape your legs. Plus, there's a band of stay-up silicone at the top just under the lace.

Bridal Satin Band Hold-Ups by Charnos

Bridal Satin Band Hold Ups by Charnos.

If a wedding is in your future, these Bridal Satin Band Hold-Ups by Charnos are just the thing for your big day. They're available in ivory or champagne ivory, perfect colors to compliment a wedding dress. The luxuriously soft and wide satin band at the top is made of ElasTAC silicone, which is a new fabric technology used to keep thigh-highs right where they belong.

Fogal 20 Caresse Stay-Ups

Fogal's 20 Caresse Stay-Ups are silky smooth but resilient and have a very wide lace band at the top, which keeps them in place. 

Sheer Thigh-High by Donna Karan

Sheer Thigh High, from the Donna Karan Hosiery Signature Collection
Photo ©

This is the sheer thigh high from the Donna Karan Hosiery Signature Collection. These thigh-highs have double strips of silicone grippers at the top to stay put.

Stay-Up Thigh-Highs by Falke

Transparent Shining Stay Up Thigh Highs by Falke
Photo ©

These transparent Shining Stay Up Thigh Highs by Falke have a pretty lace band at the top in the French style. It's extra wide and has a strong silicone gripper lining.

Satin Top Sheer by Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret Satin Top Sheer Thigh Highs.
Photo © Victoria's Secret

These are Victoria's Secret Satin Top sheer thigh-highs. The extra wide satin band at the top is designed for extra hold.