These Cooking Fails Are Way Too Funny to Eat

 Let's face it, we're not all cut out to be Paula Dean or Gordon Ramsay! Judging by the hilariously-bad photographic evidence in this gallery, some people are just plain better off ordering takeout than trying to prepare a decent meal in the kitchen. From freaky baking fails to just plain gross-looking meals that we wouldn't feed our dogs, these food items all range from kind of ew to straight-up inedible. At least they tried, right? Wrong.

Check out these funny cooking and baking fails that rendered perfectly good food into one big fat FAIL!

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Not Very Appetizing, Is It?

Chocolate Banana Fail
Via Daily Dot.

Soooo... these were supposed to be chocolate-covered bananas, but instead they look like something your cat might try to cover up in the sandbox.

Speaking of botched bananas, these beauties have nothing compared with the next attempt....

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I Guess They Would Work for a Bachelorette Party

Dick Pops Fail
Via Imgur.

D'OH! Holy inappropriate snacking! These "penis pops" definitely look like a good way to get kicked out of the PTA meeting. *making mental note*

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A Creepy Bieber

Justin Bieber Cake Fail
Via Just Something.

Just when you thought Justin Bieber was scary enough on his own... this happened. Why it happened, the world may never know.

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How Can You Possibly Ruin Chips?

Nacho cooking fail
Via Tumblr/Jess Nash.

Ay caramba! You ordered your nachos "well done," right? Doesn't everybody love their chips and cheese with a hearty dose of charcoal?

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Can You Guess What This Is? Yeah... Me Neither

Goldfish cooking fail
Via Buzzive.

The goldfish crackers are a nice touch, but honestly, what the WHAT am I looking at? When you sincerely cannot distinguish what kind of food is on your plate, it might be time to hang up your chef hat.

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She Must Want to Her Boyfriend to Break Up With Her

cooking fail
Via I Am Bored.

It's a good thing she warned her boyfriend what's waiting for him so he knows not to come home. Run, dude. RUN!

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Not to Self: Plastic Melts

Pizza oven fail
Via Serious Eats.

Did they forget to take the frozen pizza out of the box, or...? How does this even happen? I'm honestly asking.

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Didn't Know It Was Possible to Burn Water

Flaming Spaghetti fail
Via Watson.

Many people joke that they're so bad in the kitchen that they "can't even boil water." Or, maybe they weren't joking at all.

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Could Work as a Science Fair Experiment

microwave fail

"Make a brownie in a coffee mug in the microwave," they said.

"It'll be fun!" They said.

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I Think You Need to Call 911 NOW!

Cooking oven fail
Via WordPress/Explosion.

I have so many questions. What's on fire, and what in the world is that white mung in the sauce pan? Either way, time to put Domino's on speed dial.

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The World's Worst Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese fail
Via Reddit/ogloko24.

The Redditor who shared this image captioned it "Macaroni and f**k it."

Yup, that about sums it up!

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This Is What Happens When You Get Your Ideas From Pinterest

pie fail
Via WordPress/Pics-For-Fun.

So, you were going for "terrifying" and instead got "mystifying." Better luck next time?

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I See the Resemblance... I Guess

Minion fail
Via WordPress/Sourlemonz.

This minion cake definitely puts the despicable in "Despicable Me."

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I'm Not Eating That... You Can't Make Me

Cookie fail
Via Patrasevents.

I don't know what this is, and I don't want to know what this is. I feel like I need a shower and a shot of insulin just for looking at it.

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It's So Nice When Kids Get Creative in the Kitchen

Cereal Casserole fail
Via Lifebuzz.

Green bean and Cheerio casserole, just like mom used to make!

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Do You Want to Build a Snowman... Or Whatever

snowman cooking fail
Via Everything Funny.

Move over, Martha Stewart! 

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A Bit Overcooked

microwave cooking fail
Via Lifebuzz.

You know you're a truly bad cook when you blow up your microwave while trying to soften spreadable chocolate.

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Nailed the Green Beans!

Gross Meal Fail
Via Instagram/CookingForBae.

This image pretty much sums up the hilarity that is the Cooking For Bae Instagram.

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It Might Not Be Pretty, But I Bet It's Delicious

cookie fail
Via Sourlemonz.

Maybe he's just big-boned?

I don't know about you guys, but these pics have NOT made me hungry! I may never eat again. (Oh look, pizza!)