Cats Who Are Being Total Jerks, Just Because

It's a good thing they're cute, because cats love to mess with us

Cat giving finger
Credit: Getty Images/101cats.
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Taking Out A Toddler

cat attacking toddler
Via Giphy.

As if this kid wasn't having a tough enough time navigating the snow in that gigantic snow suit, along came a rogue feline! Poor kid never stood a chance!

Cats are pretty much the rulers of the internet (although dogs have certainly had their fair share of internet fame and love as well). While we love cats' adorable fuzzy faces, it's hard to ignore the fact that sometimes they can be, shall we say, a tiny bit temperamental. That's a kind way of saying that cats can sometimes be total jerks who seem to thrive off chaos, and if they can't find chaos, they'll be happy to create some themselves.

Check out the following cats who just want to watch the world burn. Whether it's sticking out a paw to trip a toddler, stealing your pizza slice right off your plate, or scratching the heck out of the clueless family dog, these are some seriously cranky felines who still manage to be utterly hilarious and adorable. 

Hat tip to Giphy and Reddit's r/animalsbeingjerks for many of these images.

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Opening Presents on Christmas Morning

Cat attacks Christmas
Via Giphy.

Oh, the excitement of getting a new gaming system on Christmas morning! This man was clearly entirely too happy, so the family cat decided to take him down a few pegs. 

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Toddler Tripping For The Win

cat trip
Via Giphy.

A cute little girl was just toddling along, testing out this new walking skill she'd discovered, when suddenly....

Total jerk move!

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You Can't Sit With Us!

cat won't let friend eat
Via reddit @Sylvester_Scott.

"No food for you, fatty. I'm doing this for your own good!" - This A-hole Cat.

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You Line 'Em Up, I'll Knock 'Em Down

cat knocking stuff off
Via reddit @1Voice1Life.

"Oh, you didn't want to keep that item here on the shelf, did you? Let me help you with that."

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Hey You, Take That

Cat hitting dog
Via reddit @Seiivo.

This poor dog looks like this isn't his first time getting battered about the head and neck by the family cat.

"Well, I guess this is my life now." - The Dog

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Just Doing A Little Redecorating

cat knocking over tv
Via Giphy/SB Nation.

That's what this guy gets for setting up a video camera of himself working out! Cats always have a way of keeping us humble... and poor. Have fun shopping for a new television! 

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Cat Refuses To Be Soothed

cat won't be soothed
Via reddit @Khajiit-ify.

Just watching a nice YouTube video about how to make your cat nice and mellow....  Or not.

This is one cat who could certainly use a little spa time!

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Kitty Doesn't Share Snacks

Via reddit u/killerbunnyfamily.

Nope! Mine! These delicious salty snack foods are all mine. Back off, hooman!

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I'ma Just Help Myself To Some Pizza

cat stealing pizza
Via reddit u/Shaymarie523.

You don't mind, do you? 

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Nom Nom Nom Nom

cat biting arm
Via reddit u/Lou_-.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Was that your arm? My mistake."

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I Love You, I Love You, I EAT YOUR FACE OFF

cat biting friend
Via reddit u/I_Am_A_Sloth_.

Yes, yes, yes, NO! Bad kitty!

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This Just In

cat attacks reporter
Via Giphy.

This poor reporter from Cleveland, OH was doing a live stand up at a local animal shelter when suddenly her kitty co-star had a bit of a diva moment. Ouch!

It's never good to end your live TV segment with tears. You can see the whole live segment here on YouTube.

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I Do What I Want

cat strolls through weather report
Via Giphy.

Speaking of funny cats ruining a good live TV segment, check out this cat nonchalantly strolling through a weather report on the evening news. 

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Nice Cup of Coffee...

cat spills coffee
Via reddit u/alice_shadow.

It would be shame if something were to... happen to it.

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I'm The Star Of This Show, Not You

cat photobombs yoga
Via Giphy.

Oh, you wanted to show off your cool yoga headstand? NOPE. 

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How About A Nice Refreshing Swim?

cat pushes cat into pool
Via reddit u/physical-horse.

Is this a funny cat prank or a total jerk move? I think we all know the answer to that.

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Kid Learns A Valuable Lesson

cat knocks over toddler
Via reddit u/Enter_Text_Here.

Never trust a jealous cat. Never!

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Best Jerky Cat Gif Of All Time?

cat touch the fishy
Via Imgur u/majesticloulou.

We have to include what is possibly the funniest cat gif ever! 

"I'ma touch the fishy...."

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They're Not All Bad

Hero cat
Via Giphy.

In closing, we'll leave you with a cat who is decidedly NOT acting like a jerk. This hero cat saved a toddler from a dog attack and it was all caught on camera. Tara the cat even won an award for her bravery. Go Tara!

Cats can be awesome and total jerks, sometimes at the same time.It's a good thing they're cute.