The World's Top 8 Table Tennis Leagues

Which domestic league is the strongest?

Club table tennis is a big part of the professional game with the top players in high demand. In England, the domestic league isn't very strong. The British League only features a handful of foreign players and most of the best English players play elsewhere. So where are they playing? Which table tennis leagues are the strongest and most competitive in the world?

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Chinese Super League


The Chinese Super League is, without a doubt, the strongest of all domestic table tennis leagues. It runs during the summer months of May, June and July, finishing in early August. China are the dominant force in world table tennis and all of their top players compete in the Super League. 

In recent years more foreign players have been invited to participate which is starting to help the Super League appeal to a wider audience. This season (2014) has seen a number of well-known foreign players sign for Chinese teams, including; Joo Saehyuk, Timo Boll, Dimitrij Ovtcharov and Ariel Hsing.

I reckon that China will continue to invite more foreign players to sign for clubs and grow the popularity of the Super League. It is already the best league, standard-wise, anyway.

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German Bundesliga

The German Bundesliga is arguably the second strongest domestic table tennis league in the world. All of the current top German players are signed to teams and there are also a huge number of other top international players taking part.

Four Bundesliga teams made it into the European Champions League for the 2013/14 season, showing the strength of the league.

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Russian Premier League

The Russian Premier League has really started becoming more popular over the last few years. It features all the top Russian players as well as quite a few foreign players too.

Some of the big names in the Russian league include Chinese Ma Lin, and Vladimir Samsonov, from Belarus.

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French Pro A League

The French Pro A league is another contender for strongest European league. It is certainly up there with the German and Russian leagues.

Four French teams made it into the European Champions League this season and there are many top players in Pro A. AS Pontoise Cergy's team of Marcos Freitas, Wang Jian Jun, Tristan Flore and Kristian Karlsson took home the European club crown this season!

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Austrian Premier League

The Austrian League is probably next up. It can't quite compete with Germany, Russia and France, but it is still a very strong league with a number of established clubs and players.

SVS Niederösterreich is probably the strongest team in the league featuring; Chen Weixing, Leung Chu Yan, Daniel Habesohn and Stefan Fegerl.

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Swedish Elite League

The Swedish League is another pretty strong league. They had one team make it into the Champions League this season, Eslov Ai Bordtennis.

The team features Robert Svensson and many of the top young Swedish players; Mattias Oversjo, Kasper Sternberg, Mattias Pernhult and Henrik Ahlman.

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Belgian Super Division

 Belgian club, Royal Villette Charleroi, hold the title for the most successful European club. It has won the Champions League five times and finished runner up on four occasions too!

At the moment it seems that the Belgian league isn't as strong as it once was.

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Italian League

The Italian League is fairly strong and has a professional set-up. I know that England's Darius Knight played in Italy for a couple of seasons. 

The top team this season was STERILGARDA T.T. CASTEL GOFFREDO, a bit of a mouthful, whose top player was Leonardo Mutti. 

Have I missed any?

As far as I am aware these are the strongest leagues. I'm pretty sure that China, Germany, Russia and France make up the top four in the world but I may have missed out a few other nationals with strong leagues? Probably some of the other Asian countries have strong leagues too?