World's Most Haunted Roads

 There are roads, streets, avenues and highways around the world that take you on an unexpected journey. On these paths, there have been reports of ghosts, phantom hitchhikers, strange beings, and other unexplained phenomena. These are the world's most haunted roads.

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Morrow Road

abandoned road in Elmdale, a 4 four block ghost town in the middle of Kansas

Craig Cloutier/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

Across Lake St. Clair from Detroit lies Clay Township, and running north-south through the heart of this rural community between Holland Rd. and Shea Rd. is the two-lane Morrow Road, much of it still bordered by think woods.

The Haunting: Tales of the ghost that haunts Morrow Road might go back to the 1950s. It is thought to be the spirit of a young mother searching for her lost or dead child.

"In 1893, during a snowstorm, a woman went out in the middle of the night searching for her toddler that had somehow wandered from the house," reader magic crafter tells us. "She was unable to find it and froze to death. It is said that the bodies were never found. But it is a fact that their spirits still haunt the road to this day. The area is also said to be the ancient burial ground of the Indians.

"The legend is if you drive out there at midnight, park on the old bridge, and honk three times, the woman will appear to see if you have her baby. She is described as wearing a bloody white gown and has a very distorted face with no eyes. If you try to flee from her, she will chase your car down the road and may even kill you.

"Other eyewitness accounts have reported seeing glowing orbs in the woods, and the sounds of a crying infant near the bridge.

"Skeptical of this whole legend, I got together with some friends and we drove out there one night in 1992. We shut off the car and sat there for a minute. My friend honked the horn a few times and right away we heard the baby crying. It was coming from underneath the bridge. We got out of the car and I leaned over the guard rail. I could hear it crying, but couldn't see anything. Somewhere out of the darkness, we heard a woman shout, 'Where is my baby?!'"

Another reader, James H., saw the mysterious glowing green orbs.

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Hwy. 93 - Blood Alley

Highway 93 runs through desolate desert northwest from Wickenburg up to Hwy. 40 near Kingman, just east of the Nevada border.

The locals call Hwy. 93 "Blood Alley" because of the many tragic deaths that have occurred along its length. "It is a winding, hilly road filled with blind curves and almost no road shoulder room," Frances tells us. "Due to the hills, there are dead zones where cell phones don't work, and there is no radio reception except static. Oftentimes, you can travel the entire length of this road without ever seeing another vehicle."

But those are the least of a driver's worries. The road has a history of tragedy. "The entire length of this highway is dotted with small white crosses," Frances says. "And in some spots a cluster of crosses that marks where an entire vehicle of people have died tragically. There is one particular spot that is marked by six white crosses -- a family of six."

The Haunting: Considering all the tragedy this road has seen, it's no surprise that it's haunted by phantoms. Frances and her family encountered the Ghost of the Highwayman as they traveled south toward Wickenburg late one night. The occupants of their two cars all first saw what looked like the light of a lantern on the side of the road. As they approached, they could see who was carrying it.

"A man stepped out of the shadows," Frances says. "I could make out that he was a little over six feet tall, dressed in a black duster, jeans, and cowboy boots. He had on a black cowboy hat that was pulled down low, concealing his face. He held the lantern in front of him, just above his head. From the glow of the lantern, I could see an old-time black Harley parked behind him and off to his right side. I remember him taking one step forward and as we passed him, he took one step back... disappearing into the shadows. The light went out."

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Stocksbridge Bypass - Killer Road

The Stocksbridge Bypass, built around 1989, runs around the north side of the Stocksbridge and its valley in northern England. Its nickname is Killer Road.

The Haunting: This road has been the site of several ghost sightings, including:

  • Small children playing under the overpass late at night when children certainly would not be there. When security guards approach, the children vanish. Some workmen have also heard children singing.
  • The ghost of a monk-like figure appears on the bridge that just seems to be watching. Sightings of this ghost have even prompted police investigations, which always turn up nothing. There have even been reports of the monk suddenly appearing in passing cars next to the driver!
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Tuen Mun Road

Tuen Mun Road runs east-west in Hong Kong, south of Tia Lan Country Park.

The Haunting: This modern road in Hong Kong is known for its extraordinarily high number of car accidents, but the drivers aren't blaming bad road conditions or even other drivers -- they are blaming ghosts!

Phantom entities jump out into the road in front of their cars, drivers have testified, forcing them to swerve and crash. And when there's a fatality from one of these crashes, well... that just adds another ghost to this haunted road.

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Highway 666

Utah. Google Maps

Highway 666, now named Highway 191, runs north-south in southeastern Utah, from Crescent Junction to Mexican Water in Arizona.

Any highway with the designation 666 just has to be haunted, right? In fact, this "Highway to Hell" had such a bad reputation that they renamed it Highway 191.

The Haunting: A number of weird phenomena have been reported along this stretch of desert road:

  • Speeding phantom cars that seem to vanish into thin air.
  • Packs of vicious "devil dogs"
  • Incidents of time distortion and missing time reported by drivers
  • A young girl who walks along the highway; when drivers stop to see if she needs help, she disappears.
  • A flaming 16-wheeler that threatens to run directly into oncoming vehicles. Author Linda Dunning at writes of her husband's experience: "He was alone and hadn’t seen a car for miles and miles. Suddenly, he saw a truck that looked like it was on fire heading straight for him, right down the middle of the highway. The truck was going so fast that sparks were flying up off the wheels and flames were coming from the smokestack. It scared him so bad that he pulled way off the road and walked 20 feet or so out into the desert away from his car and waited for the truck to pass him, going what he estimated was 130 miles an hour. He then got back into his car and continued on."
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Clinton Road

Clinton Road runs north-south from Warwick Turnpike to Rt. 23 in West Milford, New Jersey.

The Haunting: This country road is known as the most haunted road in the state, according to Weird N.J. Much of its reputation comes from the legend of the Ghost Boy at the bridge at "Dead Man's Curve".

  • According to the story, the ghost of a young boy lives under the bridge at this curve in the road. If you throw a coin into the stream below, they say the ghost will toss it back.

Other accounts report:

  • UFOs.
  • Mutated animals. Supposedly, animals from the abandoned Jungle Habitat zoo interbred and interbred, creating monstrosities.
  • A set of eyes -- possibly from a wolf -- glow mysteriously in the night.
  • Satanists were said to hang out in the area, possibly around a large, decaying castle in the woods. (It no longer stands.)
  • Rumors of a group of albinos who live in the woods.
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A229 runs north-south near Maidstone, southeast of London, England.

The Haunting: In 1992, a man by the name of Ian Sharpe was driving on A229 from Sussex into Kent when a girl dressed in white that he described as having "beautiful eyes" suddenly stepped out in front of his car. Sharpe was certain that he struck the girl and that she was lying under his car, possibly dead.

Jumping from his car, Sharpe was shocked to find that there was no girl, nobody, not even a white dress. He checked the entire area, even considering that what he might have hit was an animal of some kind. But there was no evidence of anything amiss.

Local police officials have heard the same story from a number of other drivers, all claiming to run into a woman in white, yet nobody is ever found.

Legend has it that the spectre is the ghost of Judith Langham, who was killed in a car accident on the A229 on her wedding day. She was wearing her white wedding dress.

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M6 Motorway

M6 is the longest roadway in England, stretching 230 miles from Swinford at its southern point all the way up to Carlisle near the Scottish border in the north.

The Haunting: Various paranormal phenomena have been reported along this long stretch of highway:

  • A legion of Roman soldiers marching along the side of the road.
  • The ghost of a woman who seems very distraught trying to hitch a ride.
  • A large truck inexplicably zooming the wrong way down the road.
  • Eerie eyes peering out from bushes on the site of a mining disaster in the past.
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Dead Man's Curve

This Dead Man's Curve lies at the junction of routes 222 and 125, east of Cincinnati.

The Haunting: This road's deadly reputation might have begun in October 1969, when five teenagers were killed there by another speeding car. Since that time, it is said, the ghost of a "faceless hitchhiker" haunts the intersection. Witnesses have described it as the "pitch-black silhouette of a man."

The witness said, "I noticed a man’s shape on the side of the road. It turned like it was hitchhiking, with an arm sticking up. The thing wore light-colored pants, a blue shirt, long hair and a blank, flat surface where the face should have been. We looked back. There was nobody there. I’ve also seen the black shadow figure, walking its slow, labored, dragging walk by the side of the road."

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Kelly Road

Kelly Road (SR 4043) runs north-south in Industry near Ohioville, just east of the Ohio border.

The Haunting: Nicknamed "the Mystery Mile," a one-mile section of this road appears to exhibit weird phenomena or have paranormal effects:

  • Normally peaceful animals and pets, upon entering this area, suddenly become vicious and violent with no apparent cause. One farmer said, "A few times I'd be woken up in the middle of the night by the animals. They'd just go crazy, making all kinds of racket. Then, just as suddenly, they'd stop. I wouldn't hear anything for the rest of the night. But when I'd check on them in the morning, I'd find my bales [of hay] torn to shreds, scattered everywhere."
  • Some normally domesticated animals have been known to chase other animals and even people. "One evening I went for a walk," says Dan Maley, who lived on the road as a boy. "About half a mile into the walk, I heard chickens cackling. I turned around to see eight or nine chickens charging at me. I ran, but they kept right on chasing me. They came out of nowhere. But once I passed the mile, they just stopped. And a few days later, the same thing happened with goats."
  • Along the heavily wooded section of the road, wispy white apparitions have been seen. Unexplained noises also emanate from the woods.

There's also the story of the ghost of The Angry Boy of Mystery Mile, told by Arissa, who lived there and always felt afraid:

"One night I decided I was sick of being so scared," she says. "I forced myself to get up and go to the window and look out at our back yard. There was someone there and even though it was pitch black outside I could see him as if it were daylight. His face was pale white and his eyes were so sad. I don't understand how, but even though he was far away I knew what his face looked like. But the incredible thing was the clothes he had, which looked to be decades old."