20 of The Weirdest Wedding Photos Ever Taken

They're saying, "I do." We're saying, "Please don't."

Wedding pictures are usually something that a bride and groom will cherish for their whole lives.  Couples often shell out lots of money to get the perfect photographer and venue, and people generally take the whole formal portrait thing pretty seriously.

Well, MOST people, that is. The following couples decided to have a little fun with their wedding portraits, and the results are straight-up hilarious. Some of these strange folks used Photoshop to jazz up their images, some used plain old bad taste, and most used an almost criminally funny combination of the two.

Even if these marriages didn't end up working out, we'll always have these photos to remember them by. Consider them a wedding gift to the internet.

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It's A Trap!

Via Imgur.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away... two Star Wars nerds decided to tie the knot the goofiest way possible.

Obligatory: "It's a TRAP!" (Sorry, I had to do it. One does not see Admiral Ackbar without saying that line.)

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Here Comes The Bride, All Dressed In What??

Via Humor Train.

This is a pretty common anxiety dream, kind of like that dream where you're suddenly naked on the subway.

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Let's Get This Honeymoon Started

Via Funnystack.

Looks like old Tom here couldn't wait for the honeymoon to check out what's under the dress. 

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Bride and Her Sidekick

Via Reddit.

"From this day forward, you shall be my tiny sidekick as we trot through life."

Somewhat Related: Definitive Proof That Horse Head Masks Make EVERYTHING Better! 

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Spread Eagle

Via pryf.livejournal.

This is obviously a very classy young bride who decided to share an intimate moment with, well, everybody. As one does.

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Drive-Thru Wedding

Via Reddit.

You want fries with that?

Nothing says love and marriage quite like the Golden Arches.

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Front and Centaur

Via Huffpost.

I'm not saying this bride and groom are weird for Photoshopping themselves onto horse bodies. I'm just saying, they're unusual for Photoshopping themselves onto horse bodies. Not judging.

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Pocket-Sized Bride

Via pryf.livejournal.

Hey, even teeny tiny brides need love too. I'd like to be a fly on the wall when they try to consummate that union, though.

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World's Tallest Bride

Via Dumpaday.

Thumbs up for having a sense of humor!  Thumbs down for everything else about this picture.

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Class Act

Via pryf.livejournal.

Maybe that's where she hides her weapon?  Her flask?  I don't know, but I do know that I don't really want to know, you know?

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Swan Song

Via pryf.livejournal.

The poor swan looks like he's thinking, "Sheesh, these two are really heavy."

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Pee For All

Via pryf.livejournal.

Haha, isn't this clever, the women are standing up to pee, while the men are squatting!  Hilarious.

Wait, what?  No.  Not hilarious. If we can have one rule of wedding photos, can it be no urination shots?  Please?

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Bucket Loader Bride

Via Huffpost.

This has "trip to the Emergency Room" written all over it.

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Heavenly Audience

Via selfiepicbook.

Haven't you always wanted a photo of yourselves looking creepily down over your own marriage ceremony?

Yeah, me neither. What the actual hell?

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Needs More Cowbell

Via pryf.livejournal.

Step 1: Find a giant cow statue.

Step 2: Pose awkwardly with said giant cow statue.

Step 3: Post on the internet

Step 4: Try not to cry at what your life has become.

Step 5: Cry a lot.

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Groom SMASH!

Via pryf.livejournal.

First we saw the tiny brides, now make way for the gigantic groom.  I'd run too, ladies.

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How Much Do You Bench?

Via pryf.livejournal.

Well, okay. So you want to prove how strong you are, I guess?

Not weird at all. *side-eye*

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Graceful To The End

Via pryf.livejournal.

Nothing says "class" and "good manners" quite like straddling a backwards chair while wearing a dress.

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All Up In That Grill

Via Huffpost.

Ah, the old "clench your wedding bands in between your teeth" pose. That's an old favorite among wedding photographers, right?

No, not right.  It's not right, people. Not. Right.

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Itty Bitty Bride

Via pryf.livejournal.

She must be related to the tiny bride in item #3.

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