The Best Breakup Movies of All Time

When all you want to do is be alone after breaking up, curling up with a great breakup movie can offer great therapeutic benefits. Whether you've done the breaking up or your ex ended the relationship, a comfort cure for the brokenhearted can be found in these carefully chosen flicks.

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Lars and The Real Girl (2007)

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Ryan Gosling plays sweet, sensitive and exceptionally shy Lars, a man who never learned how to interact with the opposite sex, in part because of his mother's passing during birth. Through a series of events, Lars decides that he will woo his online girlfriend, who just happens to be an adult sex doll.

Unpredictable, strange, lovable yet naive and innocently portrayed, Lars and The Real Girl is a must-see movie for anyone who has given up on love and romance, or for those lacking a strong sense of community

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High Fidelity (2000)

A list of top break-up movies wouldn't be complete without the movie that lists the "top five breakups of all time," as John Cusack's character (Rob Gordon) does.

The movie follows the most recent breakup of Gordon's, peaking with his attempts to determine just why all of his major relationship break-ups occured in the first place. It definitely falls into the comedy category but still offers a large dose of reflective drama as a balance.

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

By far the raunchiest and most adult-oriented pick of the group, Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of those breakup movies that you can't stop both laughing and crying at.

Filled with disturbing, honest, painful and yet hopeful scenes that follow the male lead from the moment he's broken up with, Forgetting Sarah Marshall isn't for the faint of heart (or those offended by full male nudity). Then again, neither is a nasty breakup. Fans of Superbad and The Forty Year Old Virgin will find another hit in this film.

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Guinevere (1999)

A coming of age tale where the main character, played by Sarah Polley, is taken under the wing of a much older artist (Stephen Rea) to realize a "true" education in the arts.

Polley's character falls in love with Rea's while absorbing a lifetime of speakeasy-type experiences in a mere four years. Eventually however, the relationship is over and Polley must come to terms with losing her first love.

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

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Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey paired up for this highly unusual film about relationship loss and what lengths we'll go to to erase past emotional trauma.

Both actors excel in this film as they demonstrate the theoretical possibility of erasing select relationship-related memories through an experimental medical treatment.

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Closer (2004)

Closer depicts four people, otherwise with very little in common, unraveling and weaving a tapestry of complex romantic interactions with each other.

Jealousy, love, obsession, affection and lust all take center stage, artfully showing different facets of each character's motivations and personality, while offering the viewer different viewpoints of the same situation.

It's excellent movie for those wanting to see their own past relationships in a different light.

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The Break-Up (2006)

Funny at times, The Break-Up is a gut wrenching yet surprisingly honest story. This film is in no way a romantic comedy as many movie-goers had initially anticipated.

Instead, Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston walk viewers through the stages of grief (and in some ways, torture) we put ourselves through when trying to decide whether or not a relationship is worth salvaging.