The Venus Virgo Woman

Woman with flower crown walking along dirt path.


The Venus Virgo woman doesn't jump in the sack on the first date, even if all her girlfriends are doing it. 

She's conservative in that way because doing the deed is a shock to her sensitive system. She seeks a lover that's patient, over the restless one that tramples on her sensitivities.

It's not necessarily that she's old-fashioned, and she might not even be marriage minded. But her finely wired system calls for a thoughtful approach.

Virgo in love is thoughtful, a bit wary, and resistant to too much, too soon.

Sensitive Values

A Venus Virgo woman without healthy boundaries can be easily wounded, and very deeply. It can be devastating for her to let someone in with dark intentions.

She's here to experience a holistic engagement with life. This is an earthy Venus that's hypersensitive to the day's rhythm, her surroundings, and routine. 

That's why she comes across as wary of involvement. It takes time to win her over to the idea! She seeks someone who fits into her organic schedule. 

A sure way is to telegraph respect for her sovereignty of mind, body, and spirit. It helps if you're a fairly self-contained person since that's how she is.

A friendship that develops into more makes for an enduring love affair. If and when the flames of passion subside, the friendship continues through the years.

Desired Love Atmosphere

  • A relationship that grows slowly, out of being together in everyday life.
  • Supportive of the need to continually get better on the path to wholeness.
  • A sexual bond that forms organically, not chaotically.
  • Respect for personal boundaries and need for me time.
  • A home life that's settled enough for a daily groove—being studious, working on art or craft projects, etc.
  • Being seen and valued for her thoughtfulness.
  • A clean living and working space and appearance attracts. 

What Wows Her

She's an earth sign, and so appreciates someone with confidence in the real world. She instinctively knows that it behooves her to ally with a go-getter. She benefits from lovers and friends that remind her of all she does right when she's caught in a loop of self-analysis.

It's fabulous when she finds a mate that helps her laugh at her failings. She sometimes forgets that it's okay to be less than perfect. A loving mate is there to remind her that she's human, and loveable as she is.

She's not so impressed by status, as she is by things like integrity, sincerity and being on time. She'll admire what you do for others, especially if you don't expect anything back. It's attractive to her, to see devotion to a cause, as a philanthropist or volunteer.

Letting Her Hair Down

The very feminine Venus Virgo female can be a girly girl. She might have hobbies that are part of the craft-revival—handmade anything (soaps, fashion, knitwear). She takes pleasure in processes, where the end result is something beautiful and useful.

Good gifts for Venus Virgo are one-of-a-kind and artisan, with bonus points if it's something useful. Housewares (earthen pottery) or natural products for the bed or bath, wins you a subtle look of gratitude.

It's not easy for Venus Virgo to chill out and settle into love. Her mutable (changeable) nature makes her want to stay free to transform in ways she can't anticipate. It's hard to choose when the river of possibilities presents new options all the time. If she senses a responsiveness to her shifting needs, that's a good start.

A way to her heart is through decompression.

She's easily wound up and stressed—what kinds of activities bring her into the moment, and into states of well-being? Take note of what makes her feel at ease, and what makes her seize up with tension. She's more at home in uncrowded, aesthetically and energetically clean places. A quaint cafe with organic fare is favored over a rowdy pub. A walk through the park is better than the crush of a packed concert.

Top Attractions

  • The brainy or technically-minded, walking encyclopedias and philosophers.
  • Book lovers and those with particularly nerdy obsessions.
  • Very clean appearance and habits.
  • Modesty, but with a realistic view of achievements and talents.