The Venus Libra Man

The Ladies Man

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In many ways, the Venus Libra man is tailor-made for relationships. Venus rules Libra, making him a ladies man, genuinely enjoying the presence of the feminine in all its guises.

He's eager to experience life as a twosome and to know himself in the reflection of his beloved. The Venus Libra man finds great satisfaction in togetherness. If you're in synch with him, he's a committed dance partner.

Libra is the sign of the Scales, and in relating, that translates to one-on-ones with beloveds, friends, business partners and your audience. The one-on-ones in his life are central, whether they're friends or lovers. He's likely got a few very close friends that are a touchstone across the years. He may be especially close to women friends or sisters.

Libra is an air sign, which makes for a lively social nature, and a true romantic. He's into the flourishes of the courting ritual and might bring flowers on the first date. His manner tends to be light and conversational, which puts others at ease.

His Venusian Ideal

  • Social grace, nice manners to all (even servers.
  • Fair-minded, instinct for compromise.
  • Ultra-feminine, elegant, stylish.
  • Easy conversationalist, able to see all sides.

Turn Offs: Cussing; sloppy style; rude or selfish behavior; an unyielding nature; harshness; crude about sex; monosyllabic communicators; cheapskates on dates.

Making an Impression

The Venus Libra man is an admirer of artful style. He's likely something of a dandy, himself. Even if his look is sporty, he secretly gazes into the looking glass, a lot. He's one to watch himself in the bar mirror, for a sense of what others (or you) see. He's preoccupied with how he's received, and can be self-conscious at first. This can come off as self-absorbed or neurotic, but with familiarity, he's absorbed in the process of relating.

He's attracted to companions that make him look good (from his point of view). More than other Venus signs, he's tuned in to the duo and its impact. He enjoys being in a power couple, especially one that's part of a wider social scene with lots of cultural happenings.

Will to Love

Libra is a cardinal sign that acts with some urgency to press into new ground. This is an initiating impulse, making Venus Libra a first-moves player in the game of love. Sometimes a Venus in cardinal comes off as Mars in its sheer audacity to get what it wants.

The Venus Libra man is forceful with his social charm. He charms the pants off people, and Libra is known for being a trigger for sexual desire. He's got a knack for intuiting what the other needs to hear or do, and offering that. Venus Libra sometimes uses others and loses themselves in the process.

There can be some manipulation, and going after lovers just to stroke the ego. He could have many pots on the stove but miss out on the one that's right for him. Like its opposite, Mars-ruled Aries, Libra runs hot and cold, and when he changes his mind, he could leave a trail of broken hearts.

Happy Are "We"

Those in long-term relationships with Venus signs have to get used to the narrative of "we." It's priceless to have that devotion, but for some, especially more independent Venus signs, all this togetherness can be stifling. It's important to keep a solo storyline for yourself.

Libra is sometimes associated with codependency, that label put on such behaviors as the inability to be alone. A man with Venus Libra comes alive in the reflective eyes of another. A big maturation point is being okay as a stand-alone and cultivating his own wise counsel.​

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