The Venus in Taurus Woman

Earthy Aphrodite

Credit: Anxhela Isaj / Getty Images.

The Venus Taurus woman is romanced by what's well-crafted, sweet smelling spices, lush fabrics or a gift of heirloom seeds for her garden. Her taste in art and style is toward the well-constructed, harmonious, artful.

She might be a dedicated artist, a savvy investor, or a woman whose favorite role is the nourishing mother. She's all that!

A woman with both feet on the ground, looking for a real world relationship with lots of benefits. She invests in what will grow, and that means opting for the steady mate with proven traits she likes, rather than a fantasy ideal. She's an earth sign Venus, who gives and receives love through physical affection and is an enduring, supportive presence.

If Venus is how we show love, in Taurus, she prides herself on being dependable and true. She's attracted to someone who produces tangibly -- a provider even -- or a hard-working artisan. 

Taurus in love is earthy, warmly affectionate, possessive and stabilizing. 

Daughter of Nature

There is a real body ease with Venus Taurus women, who is an organic nature lover. As a celebrant of the creativity of nature, she can be at home in the balance of male and female. Venus is in her dignity in Taurus, and her ability to attract here is as natural as bees to a flower.

Consider spending time outdoors, but don't forget the blanket, as she loves comfort. A picnic or fire circle, camping out under the stars. She's adventurous al fresco, but she's most at ease, when she's comfortable, too. She's careful to bring all her provisions, even her own bedding.

Aphrodite's Own

Venus Taurus magnetizes naturally -- with an easy going sensuality that puts others at ease too. Love of life is expressed by creating scenes where the senses are tantalized, teased and satisfied. A thoughtfully prepared meal, with flavors bursting in just the right way, romances the palate. She's likely drawn to rich desserts, to send the taste buds into orbit. A dripping and delicious meal is often a natural lead-in to other sensual pleasures -- in the bedroom.

The way, then, to her heart, is through the senses. And shared experiences of comfort and productivity.

Mine, My Own, My Precious!

Venus is how we love, and once Taurus is attached, it's a deeply rooted engagement. Taurus is a fixed sign for unwavering devotion or fixation on the object of desire. That can lead to being possessive in love, with jealous feelings and attempts to tie down the other. The space for each to grow keeps it healthy and allows for a freshening influx of life experience.

This could be enjoyed in a family business situation, or the simple joy of creating a victory garden. It's vital to allow for change, to avoid stagnation, stultifying routine, hitting the doldrums.

How to Attract Venus Taurus

The Venus Taurus gal likes deeply-centered and stable people. 

Be solid -- show up on time. Mean what you say and say what you mean. She's likely to be ruffled by a lot of chatter, especially if your voice is not resonant. 

Create a cozy atmosphere and take note of her cravings. Don't rush her into commitment, but build on moments together. Be as authentic as possible, and demonstrate that you're worthy of long-term investment, and you'll be in the running. 

Venus compatibility with other Venus signs shows whether you'll enjoy someone's company, or not. You can ponder how Venus Taurus matches with other Venus signs, for love and friendship.