The Venus Gemini Man

Split personality man
James Woodson / Getty Images

The Venus in Gemini guy lightens the mood of any gathering. At a dullsville staff meeting, he's the one rolling eyes or putting in his two-cents in a way that breaks the death grip of seriousness.

There's a twinkle in his eye and a smile that gives away his secret knowledge that life is a game. Being in on the cosmic joke gives him an edge — he's free to move and shift his shape, as an actor on the stage.

The dark side of Gemini nature is fickleness of character, where you never know where you stand, or even who he really is. Being friends first allows for time to see the many shades of the chameleon, and what's there to build on. Some with this Venus hold off on commitment, finding it hard to choose. His nature is to be open to all options (mutable air), and he's apt to have varied love experiences, before making a singular choice.

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The Player

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, also known in esoteric tradition as Hermes, the winged messenger. Venus is how we make friends, and express love for life. And Venus is the preferred path to love, making our Venus Gemini lover a bit of a magician. He's playful and mischievous, and this makes him a super fun date. His friendly, chatty way puts friends at ease.

If you keep in mind that Hermes is the trickster of the pantheon, you'll get his player side. He comes alive in bouncy, lively places with lots of change, like a sidewalk cafe at a visible corner, with lots of passersby.

On dates, keep in mind, he's easily distracted, with a tendency to pick up fragments here and there. Mingling at a party, with short exchanges, suits his bee buzz style. You can get more romance intel by learning about Gemini in love.

Loving the Chameleon

Life is never boring when you're crushing on a Venus Gemini guy. He delights in wowing you with what he knows, often what he's picked up first hand. It's like dating the Gemini (Sun) Guy — a whirlwind tour!

It's likely he's a hub of many social networks and keeps up on the very latest current events. His pleasure in life, via Venus, comes from the current of ideas, and he's likely a wordsmith. His joy in being plugged in could make him a gadget-lover whose main distraction is the device in his hand where he picks up messages. Remember, he's the messenger, and stimulating exchanges are what he revels in.

The way to his heart is through his bright mind. For a man, Venus is revealing of the traits he falls for in a woman. He's attracted, then, to cleverness, changeability, and spontaneity. If you're someone who craves constancy and undivided attention, this fellow could get on your last nerve. But for others, the freedom to change is exhilarating, and the basis for mutual trust to grow. He's a wired, on the go type, who lives the maxim that the only sure thing in life is change!

Words With Friends

You might meet him on the 'net first. Or have several run-ins with short chats, that lead to an invite for coffee or cocktail. Keeping the tone light sets the atmosphere to get to know each other. Is there an easy rapport? Do you snap open new ways of seeing for each other? That's a promising start!

His turn-offs are heavy conversation that's narrowly focused on one topic for hours on end. He's the original cross referencer and enjoys making associations across disciplines. With Venus in Gemini, he loves to learn new things, but not to probe them too deeply. In the museum, he's flashing on the image, skimming the card, then on to the next one.

The emotions are light, which makes him free to move on, and cover a lot of ground. A night of many different things to check out, but with freedom to suddenly change plans, is his cup of tea. If you're someone who likes to stick to the program, his erratic moods could be challenging.

Venus in Gemini finds it natural to have many friends, and that might extend to romance too. He's restless in love, and may not settle down with one partner until later in life.

Love Matches

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