The Venus Aquarius Woman

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 Xsandra / Getty Images

For this gal, it's all about the mind, and wavelengths she's moving through. Aquarius is the Waterbearer and the glyph is two wavy lines. 

These lines are symbolic of the currents -- ideas, vibes, frequencies, and other mediums of the universe. 

Often she's tuned into what's current, and the first to spy future trends. Her antennae are up, and she's reading your vibe. If you have a stimulating mental rapport, that is a great start. She's an air sign, and that's to do with socializing and the power of ideas. 

What you've heard is true. She loves her freedom. Something about her is different. She's defiantly independent, and because of that, is known to make unconventional choices in love. A long-distance thing. Or, very casual relationships with a few different "friends" who are also lovers.

What's unique about her is her intellectual sovereignty. She won't tolerate being talked down to, in this patriarchal world. She wants a lover-friend who admires her mental powers, as an equal, sounding board, and sometimes verbal sparring partner.

She prides herself on being a rebel and will make a big show of flaunting social convention. Inside this woman, is a freaky lady. Even if she lives a low-key life, the odd, zany or mentally scrambled persona shows up sometimes. Her friends know she's not afraid to look dorky for a laugh, and they count on her for random odd or shocking remarks. True to her ruler Uranus, she likes to crack people up, and stir the pot, if things get too normal in her eyes.

Venus Aquarius actress Jennifer Jason Leigh (with Aquarius Sun) has played "crazy" so much, that she has said it's what people expect when they meet her. But she finds expression in art, for all that's wild-eyed, provocative, and taboo-busting.

What She Likes

She likes open minds and people with a sense of compassion for all, not just some. Her attraction to social trends can put her at the forefront of movements. She'll find it sexy if you're informed and able to have a spirited dialogue about what's happening in the world.

Yes, she loves space. So much that it's hard to know if she's really into you or not. Water and earth signs can find it hard to be "on hold," not knowing where you stand. The uncertainty is too much for those that need more stability in love. But it's her nature to live at the edge, with everything "up in the air," in a manner of speaking. However, the other energies in her make-up will play a role, in how she builds trust over time.

She's drawn to characters, and is more likely than other signs, to see past social groupings of race, culture, religion. She'll show up with the guy who could be her father or surprise everyone by falling in love with a woman. She's impressed by what's unique about you and will celebrate those times when you break your own mold.

She thrives when love is an experiment and will have a low tolerance for routine. She's not likely to stay in a relationship that's fallen into a rut. She hears the tune of the many and is less eager to go deep with one person. Again, though, this will be colored by the rest of her chart.

The oft-said word is detachment, which is a gift and if not in balance, can become a curse. It helps her be fair-minded, a sharp listener, objective about herself and others. But it can become a wall of defense, against intimacy, and all that comes with it.