The Top 25 Viral Kids Videos

These famous viral clips are suitable for children

Many of the viral videos racking up millions of views online just aren't right for kids, be it because of inappropriate language or because the humor of the video relies on stuff kids just wouldn't know about. There are, however, several great viral kids videos online. Here are the top 25.

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Funny Kid Fails By FailArmy

Via YouTube/FailArmy.

FailArmy  is back and doing what they do best with this funny compilation video of ordinary kids messing up in extraordinary ways. If you like watching cute kids do really silly stuff, this is for you. Don't worry; nobody got hurt... except for wounded pride, that is.

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Funny Babies At The Zoo

Via YouTube/BabiezTV.

Kids and animals are almost always a winning combination. This compilation video is a collection of little kids having close encounters with the animal kingdom at their local zoos. All of these videos are cute, nobody gets hurt, and each one makes you suddenly develop a new appreciation for very strong glass windows.

Also, who else had no clue how often lions try to eat babies at the zoo? It happens a shocking number of times if this video is to be believed.

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Babies laughing & Funny Kids

Via YouTube.

If you need a pick-me-up, stop what you are doing right this minute and watch this video. The title says it all: It's just ten minutes of cute babies laughing and being adorable. Pure bliss!

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The Mean Kitty Song

2007 SMP Films.

It's no accident SMP Films' "The Mean Kitty Song" has well over 22 million views; the video's combination an adorable kitten and a catchy song has led to internet gold. The fact that "The Mean Kitty Song" is so funny and completely suitable for kids makes the video all the more special.

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Mixed Nuts

2006 Happyslip.

Filipino-American video blogger Christine Gambito created her video "Mixed Nuts" to help show the world how crazy dealing with her family could sometimes be. In the video, Gambito, who goes by the online persona Happy Slip, comes home just after witnessing a scary traffic accident and tries to tell, her mother, her father and her aunt all about it. She never gets to tell the story, though, because her family members (each also played by Gambito in different costumes and wigs) keep interjecting to change the subject. The humor of the clean and very funny video struck a chord with many on the Internet, garnering it over 4 million views.

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*Try Not To Laugh Challenge* Funny Kids Vines Compilation

Via YouTube/All Of Vine.

A collection of funny kid-themed Vine videos that come with the challenge "Try Not To Laugh." How'd you do?

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Potter Puppet Pals in "The Mysterious Ticking Noise"

2007 Potter Pals.

The Potter Puppets (puppet versions of the Harry Potter classics Severus Snape, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, Dumbledore, and Hermione) all hear a ticking noise. And rather than try to find out the source of that ticking sound, they use the repetitive noise as a metronome to break into self-involved song. The odd, fun video takes a somewhat dark turn towards the end, but the rather funny (and rather popular, at almost 65 million views) video is still great for kids and adults alike.

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Laughing Baby

2006 William Nilsson.

This viral video is an internet classic and is one of the most viewed videos on YouTube ever (at over 87 million views). It's also one of the simplest videos as well; a Swedish father keeps making weird noises, prompting his baby, the adorable William Nilsson, to laugh in his strange, deep-voiced-for-a-baby laugh. The universal humor of the video lies in this simplicity and makes it suitable for the youngest of kids all the way to someone as old as, say, the Queen of England, who was shown the video in 2008.

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Mother's Day

2006 Barats and Bereta.

In Luke Barats and Joe Bereta's viral video sensation "Mother's Day," the viewer is given the opportunity of being a fly on the wall while two brothers (played by Barats and Bereta) argue over how to take a photo they're planning on sending their mom for Mother's Day. Sibling rivalry turns to rage and this comedy duo (who go by the name Barats and Bereta) deliver a classic viral video good for viewers young and old.

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Strange Faces and Noises I Can Make III

2007 Brandon Hardesty.

Brandon Hardesty is a very funny comedian and actor whose work on the web has been praised by The Village Voice. But if Hardesty's time-honed talent is his comedic acting, his inborn gift is to make ridiculously funny faces. And in the web classic, "Strange Faces and Noises I Can Make III," Hardesty does just that and the resulting video has some of the funniest noises and faces you will ever see.

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My Webcam

2006 Melody Oliveria.

When Melody Oliveria got a new webcam that had some funny effects, like putting mustaches, beards, and hats on its subject, she decided to record a video showing that off and put it up on YouTube. Does one have to wonder if when she was recording that simple demo, Oliveria knew her video was about to be a viral sensation?

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Charlie Bit My Finger - Again!

2007 Harry and Charlie.

Recipe for viral video mega-hit: two adorable kids, 1 camera, stir gently. Brothers Harry and Charlie, two adorable kids hailing from the United Kingdom, are unlikely stars of one of the most watched videos online, ever. The boys' father set a camera down to record them doing funny stuff. And at first, they oblige. But then Charlie, a teething baby boy, bites down hard on Harry's finger. And as Harry's laughter turns to tears, a smile comes over our faces—these are just two adorable kids being completely and utterly real. Awww!

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Numa Numa

2004 Gary Brolsma.

One of the few crossovers from the regular Top 20 Viral Videos list. The video's creator and star, overweight and quirky internet celebrity Gary Brolsma, taped himself singing along to Moldovan pop group O-Zone's song "Dragostea ​Din Tei." The combination of the incredibly strange song and Brolsma's weird dance moves made the video an instant internet sensation that has spawned several imitators, but nothing beats the original.

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Crazed Numa Fan

2005 Brookers.

Were any of the Numa Numa imitation videos to give the original some competition, it'd be "Crazed Numa Fan" by Brooke Brodack, who goes by the online monicker Brookers. In the video, Brodack plays the titular role of a crazed Numa Numa fan, obsessed with Gary Brolsma and his Numa performance. Where Brolsma's original video found its humor in the slightly overweight star's laid-back lip-dub performance, the "Crazed Numa Fan" video squeezes laughs out of Brodack's frenetic, over-the-top delivery.

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Fred Goes Swimming

2008 Lucas Cruikshank.

In "Fred Goes Swimming," Nebraska teenager Lucas Cruikshank plays Fred Figglehorn, a 6-year-old boy filled with enough energy to power the Eastern Seaboard. By speeding up the video, Fred is given an "Alvin and the Chipmunks" style voice and his movement ​resemble an old Buster Keaton silent film. So, when you put all those elements together and throw the whole mess into a kiddie pool in Cruikshank's backyard, you've got viral video magic.

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Chocolate Rain

2007 Tay Zonday.

This other holdover from the main Top 20 Viral Videos list is a rather simple video—Tay Zonday, the video's singer, and star, stands at his microphone and belts out a strange song about, well, a rain made out of chocolate while text on screen (written by Zonday after he filmed himself singing the song) making fun of the ​song and the video itself. Words can't really describe how strange—and funny—this video is.

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The Original Cuppycake Video

2006 Amy Castle.

We all know that kids say the darndest things. But did you know... they SING the darndest things too? At least that's the case with then 3-year-old Amy Castle, who, in 1994, recorded the strange but adorable "The Cuppycake Song." Be prepared to laugh, smile and loudly yell out "Awwwww!"

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Asian Backstreet Boys

2005 Wei Wei and Huang Yixin.

Why are these two Chinese guys, dressed in matching Houston Rockets basketball jerseys and headbands, lip syncing to the Backstreet Boys' hit song "I Want It That Way"? Keep watching... your questions will quickly dissipate as your laughter sets in—this video, by the Back Dorm Boys (Wei Wei and Huang Yixin), is one of the funniest online.

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How To Solve a Rubik's Cube (Part One)

2007 Dan Brown.

Dan Brown's "How To Solve a Rubik's Cube" videos are exactly as they sound—Brown teaches the viewer how to, well, solve a Rubik's Cube. While that doesn't sound like a video that has the necessary the ingredients make it become viral, Brown's fun, upbeat and often-times funny banter while teaching you how to solve the Cube propels what could've been a boring tutorial to the stratosphere of mass Internet popularity. Part two of his tutorial can be seen here.

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Smosh Short 2: Stranded

2006 Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox.

Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox' video "Smosh Short 2: Stranded" is like an episode of Lost for tweens. The video finds a young man on a deserted island writing increasingly ridiculous diary entries about life on his island. Though the entries dip into cannibalism and some poop jokes, it's all done in a fun and upbeat manner that keeps this widely viewed video great for kids.

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Ask A Ninja: Special Delivery 1 "What is Podcasting??"

2006 Kent Nichols and Doug Sarine.

Kent Nichols and Doug Sarine's "Ask A Ninja" series shouldn't make sense—why is this ninja so hyperactive... and why is he answering viewers' questions? But with Sarine's frenetic and hilarious performance as The Ninja, you soon forget your confusion and start guffawing. The episode "Ask A Ninja: Special Delivery 1 "What is Podcasting??" is the funniest and most popular of the lot, but you can see all their videos at the ​Ask A Ninja YouTube channel.

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Canon Rock

2005 Lim Jeong-hyun.

How is it that a performance of Pachelbel's Canon one of the most viewed viral videos of all time? Well, you can thank the South Korean teenage guitar sensation Lim Jeong- Hyun's blazing heavy metal rendition of the song. Jeong-Hyun, who goes by the online alias fun two, delivers the goods over the most rocking 5 minutes and 20 seconds you will find online.​

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Keira and Johnny! Behind the Scenes—Pirates of the Caribbean

2008 Lisa Nova.

Lisa Donovan, better known online as LisaNova, is an incredibly skilled actress and comedian and in her viral video "Keira and Johnny! Behind the Scenes—Pirates of the Caribbean" she impersonates actress Keira Knightley in a performance that's as loose as it is funny. The premise— that Johnny Depp, Knightley's co-star on the Pirates of the Caribbean films, is unimpressed with Knightley entirely—pushes Knightley, as played by Donovan, into increasingly annoying heights. By the end of the clip, Knightley is perched in a tree, begging a napping Depp to "come and play." The video's success is hinged mostly on Donovan's charm as an actress, and she delivers one of the best comedic performances you'll find online.

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I Have to Deal with Stereotypes

2007 Kevin Wu.

When Chinese-American teenager Kevin Wu sat down at his webcam to rant about the stereotypes he has to deal with in his everyday life, everything came together and his video shot to viral fame. Wu, an aspiring comedian who goes by the online handle KevinJumba, mixed humor, honesty and the often sore issue of racial stereotypes together and the end product is something every kid should see.

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'Babies Is A Better Dancers Than You' Compilation

Via YouTube.

Dancing kids are always funny! Check out these chunky monkeys doing their best Patrick Swayze impressions in this funny compilation video.