Spruce Up Your Car With the Top Aftermarket Wheels

A chipmunk on an alloy rim of a car tire

Betty Burger / EyeEm / Getty Images

If you're a car enthusiast and want to make your vehicle stand out, aftermarket wheels are a great way to do so. You can spend as little as a couple hundred dollars for a set of simple aluminum-alloy wheels to give your sedan some sparkle. Or you could drop a couple thousand dollars on magnesium-alloy wheels and low-profile tires to improve performance. How much you ultimately spend will be determined by whether you're seeking a cosmetic upgrade or a serious racing boost. Although each of these 9 aftermarket wheels are fantastic choices to improve your car's appearance, one truly stands out.

BBS Super RS

The classic multi spoked look of the BBS Super RS


The classic basketweave pattern on this BBS wheel evokes memories of drop top roadsters and German autobahns. BBS has been making these wheels since 1983, and they're a solid choice for any classic 1980s or '90s German car, such as the Audi A5, or a '90s Mazda Miata. They're available in silver, gold, and black brightwork.


The sleek and modern BBS CX-R


If you want the BBS name but prefer a more modern design, their CX wheel is a good choice. These twisted, overlapping, dual-color spokes are seamlessly integrated into the wheel frame and would look great on any sports sedan, new or vintage.


The golden chrome of an ADV.1 ADV7

ADV.1 Wheels, Inc.

ADV.1 pioneered this exciting “deep concave” design style that is working its way through the industry. The ADV7 is a great example of this style, with the subtle inward curve of the spokes towards the center plate and the very interesting way that they meet the dish. They look at home on Range Rovers and Porsches.

OZ Racing Cortina

The futuristic OZ Cortina

 Tire Rack, Inc.

Another wheel that uses color to punch up a multi-spoke design, the Cortina is definitely easy on the eyes. Designed and built in Italy, these magnesium-alloy wheels are available in matt black or slate gray. These are also an excellent, elegant choice for a Rover or Porsche.

Enkei GW8

The gleaming red accents of the Enkei GW8

Tire Rack, Inc.

Minimalist red plastic inserts and a jagged, asymmetrical spoke design make the GW8 one of Enkei's most distinctive works of wheel art. They look great on pocket rockets like the Hyundai Veloster or the Mini Cooper. These wheels have also appeared on limited ​runs of Ford's Fiesta performance models

TSW Silverstone

TSW, Inc.

The black spiderweb design of the TSW Silverstone wheel

The Silverstone's dead-black inner looks great in the daylight and appears to be floating in midair at night. Available in silver or gloss black, these wheels have a mod-meets-classic design that will dress up luxury sedans like the BMW 7 series.

American Racing Torq Thrust

The vintage look of a VN109 TT O wheel

American Racing


American Racing specializes in wheels for muscle cars, and this model is one of their iconic designs. Pair these with a Detroit muscle car, like the Camaro or Mustang, or a Japanese sports sedan, like the Acura ILX.

Enkei RC-G4

The gold and sporty Enkei RC-G4


If you've got a Subaru WRX or a Honda Civic Si, show off your fast and furious side with these aggressive wheels. Enkei designs for the racing world, ​and these wheels would complement any Japanese or Korean car you've modified. This model is available in gold or white.

Carbon Revolution CR9

Carbon fiber makes the difference in Carbon Revolution CR9s

Carbon Revolution

These carbon-fiber wheels are striking—and strikingly expensive. At around $15,000 per set, depending on the retailer, these are for serious car enthusiasts. You'll find Carbon Revolution wheels on luxury and sports cars, like the Porsche 911, that have been customized by aftermarket dealers.