The Top 15 Funny Animal Photobombs on the Internet

The art of photobombing, or crashing someone's picture, is a concept that was created entirely online. Tons of celebrities have gotten in on the photobombing action, not to mention regular folks like us and even a few members of the animal world. We all know how much the people of the internet love funny animal pictures, so it makes sense that there are some really good animal photobombs circulating out there. Since appearing on various social media sites, blogs, and sharing sites, the following 15 animal photobombs have become totally internet-famous. Check them out.

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Goofy Horse Photobomb

horse photobomb
Via Just Something.

Sometimes you take a picture at the perfect time from exactly the right angle, and this happens. You've just got to laugh at the expression on this horse's face!

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Crasher Squirrel

Courtesy Know Your Meme.

When a vacationing Canadian couple set up this timer shot on their camera in 2009, they had no idea that they were about to make internet history! A squirrel, curious about the sound of the camera shutter, popped into their shot unannounced. After the couple submitted this photo to a photo contest, the image spread throughout the web, and soon people were adding the squirrel bomber to their own photographs. Crasher Squirrel has been added to countless family photos, celebrity images, and famous works of art.

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Photobombing Stingray

Courtesy: Reddit.

Redditor epic676 submitted this awesome photo of three young women, Kendall Harlan, Sarah Bourland, and Natalie Zaysoff, who were on Spring Break in the Cayman Islands in 2008 when they were startled by this hilarious photo-crashing stingray. The photo quickly went viral, getting reposts and mentions on BuzzFeed, Gawker, and other popular sites. The "photobombing stingray" even became one of the funniest meme-based Halloween costumes.

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Troll Fish

Courtesy: Blame It On The Voices.

First appearing on the blog, "Blame It On The Voices," in 2010, this perfectly-timed shot is an instant classic! It's called "Troll Fish" because the fish is trolling the photo, ala a "Troll Face" comic.

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Sinister Plotting Cat

Courtesy: BuzzFeed.

The dog's blissful ignorance is what makes this shot amazing! We don't want to know what that cat is plotting....

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Photobombing Sloth

Courtesy: Cheezburger.

This sloth was just hanging around, doing what sloths do, when suddenly....

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Seal Photobomb

Courtesy: Cute Overload.

Move over, squirrels, seals are the new photobombers! Much like the oft-copied Crasher Squirrel meme, this seal was soon added to internet photos far and wide after hitting the web.

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Dolphin Photobomb

Dolphin Photobomb
Via Instagram @News4Jax. Dan Mozer

When 9-months pregnant Angeline Mozer posed on a Florida beach for this pregnancy portrait, she never dreamed her husband Dan would capture a once-in-a-lifetime shot! After they sent the pic to local news station's Instagram page, the News4jax team shared the pic and it quickly went viral.

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Dolphin Photobomb, Take Two

Via Vice.

Not to be outdone by that other photobombing dolphin, this guy went that extra mile and scared the poop out of some innocent child. Not to be mean, but... LOL.

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Laughing Cow Photobomb

Via Tumblr/Animal Photobombs.

This cow seemed to be taking a bit too much pleasure in his pasture-mate's predicament!

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Llama Wedding Crasher

Courtesy: Caroline Tran.

Photographer Caroline Tran captured this epic wedding moment during a recent wedding at Saddlerock Ranch. What do you expect when you invite llamas to your wedding?

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Side-Eying Dog Photobomb

Via Pleated-Jeans.

This dog is saying it all with his side eye! Although we're sure if you asked him, he'd tell you that he was perfectly innocent.

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Russian Military Goat

Courtesy: ThisIsPhotobomb.

Goats are having a great couple of years on the internet! We've had yelling goats, hopping baby goats, and of course, this random goat photobombing military men in Russia. The weirdest part about this photo, however, is not the photobombing goat; it's the strange ghostly apparition seen in the background. Photobombing ghosts? Now we've seen everything.

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Shark Photobomb

Courtesy: College Humor.

Just in time for "Shark Week," here's a crazy-scary image of a deep sea diver who's about to get a rude awakening when she turns around. Note: some skeptics say that this image is a fake.

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Mountain Lion Photobomb

Courtesy: Reddit.

In 2011, Redditor Torg0 submitted this photo of his hunting buddy and an unexpected background-dweller, along with the caption, "The Circle of Life." Yikes! Since Torg0 posted this image, we can only assume that the story behind this photo has a happy ending!

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