The Taurus Teen - Zodiac Signs

Credit: Mika / Getty Images.

The young Taurus is stubborn, but willing to work hard if it's worth it. Many Bulls have strong bodies, but have to watch the sweet tooth.  

Taurus Season is from May 21st to April 21st (See your birth chart).

  • In the tropical system, based on the Earth-Sun relationship, the time of Sun into sign Taurus is deepening Spring, when all of nature gets juicy and luscious!  
  • Taurus' glyph is the bull's head and horns, symbolic of an animal with great physical strength and ability to keep going. Take care of your body - it's a great Taurean asset.
  • The Bull is also an ancient fertility totem, and symbol of flourishing, growing a garden, developing natural talents and building things from the ground up.
  • Taurus rules the throat, neck, thyroid gland, vocal cords and ears. Many Taurus teens have resonant voices, or natural singing talents. Taurus is a sign of a sturdy, solidly built body.
  • Taurus is the season of birds and bees, Venusian (Taurus' ruler) pleasures of love and sensuality, and being outdoors after the long winter months.

Young Taurus 

Your  season is when everything is in full bloom, and you can smell dirt after a Spring rain. Like the season, your nature is rooted in - you're someone not easily moved by others.

If someone tries to rush you, they soon learn that you go at your own pace, or not at all. This can be frustrating to some friends, but true ones will respect your sense of timing.

Slow and Steady

Your instincts are to go with what's realistic, and to work on your own natural skills and talents. You're more at home working with your hands, or improving your skills in dance or music. You like a sense of routine, and the chance to build on what you know.

Some might think you're slow and always serious. You can come across as hard to get to know. 

Taurus teens have a paradoxical mix of laziness and the capacity to work very hard. If you're fixed on a goal, there's no stopping you. Take your time, and you'll get there. You don't like to be rushed or encouraged to take short cuts. You are slow and careful, and this allows you to move forward in a smart way.

The Sensualist Teen

While others are chatting away, you take time to soak in the bath, feel the Sun or wind, or be with your animals. You have a particular way of tuning in, that takes time and a certain amount of relaxation. You might seem like you're doing nothing, but there's more going on than meets the eye.

You're drawn to natural fabrics and products (soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, cologne). You can be a model of earthy goodness in a synthetic world. You are sensual and attracted to beauty, preferring comfort to too much dangling or inhibiting your movement (like high heels).

When you make a romantic friend, you've got an uninhibited sensuality, and love to be outdoors. The Taurus teen is reserved in some ways, but also very open and matter-of-fact about sensual togetherness. You could enjoy giving and receiving massages, and other innocent pleasures.

Artisan Taurus

Your sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. For you, being with someone you're drawn to is a whole body experience. And so is art or craft making, building, cooking, baking, dancing, singing or designing habitats.

Some Taurus teens show early gifts in math and science, which can be a foundation for careers in engineering, architecture, medicine, commerce or landscaping design to name a few. Wherever your interests draw you, you do enjoy crafting things with your hands - perhaps you'll join the farming revolution!

As an artisan, you've got the ability to master the form, as well as the concepts, and over time, this leads to becoming very good at what you do. You are consistent with work, but your enjoyment of simple pleasures gives you a notable sloth streak.

Your strong, stocky build can balloon out to roundness, if you're not alert to diet and the need to keep moving (exercise). If you've become a couch potato, fight inertia with the determination of the Bull - turn off that TV and take an active role in shaping your life.

The Taurus teen has a great capacity to create, but will have to overcome the stagnation and passivity that's encouraged in the culture. The extremes of this leads to Taurus-style depression.

Family Life

The Taurus teen shows an interest in what goes on in the kitchen. You love learning about spices, and can develop a sophisticated palate early on. Your interest can lead to having a kitchen garden, and harvesting herbs and vegetables for your own creations.

You're a lover of stability and can have a hard time when there's chaos in the household. This can cause you to go deep within yourself, and grow some pretty solid defenses. One way to find stability is to set your sights on a goal, and spend time each day working toward it.

Traditional Taurus Categories

  • Taurus element is earth, for consistency and a practical attitude.
  • Taurus quality is Fixed, for focus, thoroughness, dedication to the activities of the moment.
  • Taurus ruler is Venus, the planet of well-being, having fun, friends and the art of love.
  • Taurus polarity is Scorpio, and both signs are intense, private and hard to sway.
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The Bull

  • Taurus has an eye for beauty, and the Taurus teen can enjoy the tactile crafts like knitting, jewelry making, book binding.
  • The Taurus teen is a collector and enjoys having material things. I know one Taurus who collects arrow heads and pottery of Native America, the tangible artifacts of a previous civilization.
  • There’s a stubborn streak and heaviness of spirit, at times, that makes the Taurus teen slow to act. Being aware of this in your nature, you won't let this stop you from taking creative risks, and learning new things.
  • Your anger is slow to rise, but once you're truly irked, it's a whole body experience and takes time to dissipate. You'll want to seek out fun activities that help you blow off steam - otherwise, you'll be the Bull with steam coming out of your ears!