The 10 Snarkiest Blogs on the Internet

No one is safe from this collection of stinging sites.

Snark. What is it, exactly? The dictionary defines snark as "an imaginary animal," proving once again that dictionaries are utterly useless. I say we burn the lot of them.

But that's an activity for another day, because it's time for our list of the ten snarkiest blogs on the entire internet. Earnestness, sentimentality, sincerity - all words defined quite accurately by the damn dictionary - we have no place for them. Today, the hunt for the elusive snark is on!

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The Superficial

Courtesy: The Superficial.

Celebrity Snark. Don't let their "boobs and butts" appearance fool you; The Superficial is full of biting celebrity commentary alongside all of the scandalous paparazzi pictures you can imagine (and some you probably can't, or don't want to imagine!).

Superficial writer Mike Redmond never saw a beautiful celebrity that he didn't want to mock, so if you like your gossip with a heaping side dish of shade, this is the blog for you.

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Gawker Logo
Via Gawker.
Original snark. Deadspin io9


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Jezebel Logo
Via Jezebel.

Feminist Snark. Another Gawker Media site, Jezebel covers celebrity gossip. social issues and politics from a uniquely feminist point of view. Each of the (mostly female) staff writers has a unique voice, yet they all have one thing in common: They are brutally honest and incredibly snarky.

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Passive Aggressive Notes

Passive Aggressive Notes
Via Passive Aggressive Notes.

Snide Snark. This simple single topic blog has provided us with lots of laughs over the years. It's hard to believe that this successful web destination started off as just a place where the people of the internet could vent about the nasty notes they've encountered in their daily lives! Sometimes the best comedy is the simplest. 

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New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer

Via New York Daily Intelligencer.

Urban snark. New York is one of the most acclaimed magazines in the country, and is to the National Magazine Awards what "Breaking Bad" is to the Emmys. But whatever the prestige of the ink-and-paper mothership, New York's blogospherical counterpart, Daily Intel, isn't afraid to get its hands dirty. Whether it's focusing on events around New York City, politics, business or pop culture, you'll rarely find a moment when one corner of the Intel's mouth* isn't raised in a smirk.

* Mouth is metaphorical. Blogs do not have mouths.

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Go Fug Yourself

Via Go Fug Yourself.

Fashion Snark. Fug or fab? The two lady bloggers behind Go Fug Yourself ask this very question each day on their very funny, very snarky fashion blog. If your favorite celeb walks a red carpet looking like an omelette (AHEM, Rihanna), this is the blog you'll want to visit the next day.

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Hyperbole and a Half

Via Hyperbole and a Half.

Comic Snark. If you like snark and funny web comics, Hyperbole and a Half will be right up your alley. The blog is written and illustrated by Allie Brosh, whose public acknowledgement of her depression sparked a unique social dialog about the stigma, and humor, faced by those who suffer from clinical depression.  While depression hardly sounds like it could be funny subject matter, you'd be surprised at the ways in which dark places inspire humor on this snarky blog.

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Scary Mommy

Via Scary Mommy.

Mommy Snark.  In 2008, when blogging was all the rage, new mom Jill Smokler started Scary Mommy as a place to share pregnancy advice and bemoan the trials and tribulations of motherhood. The site has since been purchased by Some Spider, LLC, but the common themes of harried motherhood still ring true on the popular site.  With a staff of funny freelancers cranking out relatable (and snarky!) posts each day, this site has somehow managed to surpass it's "Mom Blog" vibe and become a real humor destination on the web.

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Lowbrow snark. Dlisted covers what could broadly be described as "culture." Plastic surgery missteps, embarrassing paparazzi photos, social media fails, deadly career decisions, and irrelevant Hollywood controversies are all fair game. 

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Death and Taxes

Via Death and Taxes.

Culture Snark.  Good old Benjamin Franklin once said, "In this life, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." This is a blog about all of life's uncertainties, from social media, politics, celebrity gossip, music, news, and more.  Best yet, it's written in a voice that can only be described as downright snarky.  Not only is this site consistently entertaining, but it lends a good amount of side eye to just about every topic that comes down the pike.

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