The Skin Benefits of Doing Yoga

How This Ancient Form of Exercise Can Help Your Skin

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Yoga is an ancient physical and spiritual practice that originated in India and has since spread throughout the world. Combining deep breathing exercises, meditation, and physical poses (known as asanas) this form of exercise rejuvenates not only the body but the soul as well. There are not only many different types of yoga but also a great number of yoga poses.

Practicing yoga on your own or attending a yoga class can tone your body, calm your mind, and help your skin.

Yoga is a great way to get that much sought after glow to your skin without even applying a product to your face (though, of course, we always recommend using the right skin care products for your skin type). And don't worry about having the right clothes, accessories, and props in order to do yoga correctly. All you need is a mat and comfortable workout clothes in order to get started.

Increases Circulation

Our skin looks its best when the blood freely circulates throughout our body and reaches our face. Facial massage is one great way to get blood flowing to our faces and to give our skin a healthy glow, but practicing yoga poses can also increase circulation in our bodies and our skin. Yoga poses that involve forward bends such as standing or seated forward bends or inverted poses like plow or headstand get the blood flowing towards the head and increase oxygenation in the body and skin.

Also try child's pose to both increase circulation and to relax.

Improves Digestion

Yoga is great for getting your digestive system "unstuck" and helping your stomach feel its best. And how does this help your skin? When your gut in healthy, your skin is healthy. Our gut needs to have more good bacteria than bad bacteria in order for it properly function and keep the rest of our body healthy.

When bad bacteria takes over our gut our skin suffers — you can have acne, irritated skin, and lots of inflammation, which leads to premature skin aging. By regularly practicing yoga you make sure your digestive system functions at its best, so it keeps both you and your skin healthy. Even just a little yoga everyday at home will help your digestive system stay healthy and ensure your skin stays healthy as well. Try the yoga pose called malasana to help your body's digestion. 

Calms and Destresses You

Yoga is an amazing way to calm and destress. Regular yoga practice calms the mind and the body so you can face life's challenges with ease. The combination of the yoga poses, along with deep breathing exercises, and the meditation/deep relaxation that is part of yoga practice all help to destress our bodies and keep our skin looking its best.

Stress does terrible things to both our body and our skin. When stress goes unchecked in our skin it prematurely ages the skin, causes acne, and can lead to flare ups of skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea. Furthermore, stress leads to inflammation in the body and the skin, which contributes to the downward cycle of your skin. Yoga can also reduce the amount of the hormone cortisol in the blood.

Too much cortisol can lead to breakouts in the skin.

Finding a way to effectively deal with stress on a daily basis in more important than ever. Yoga can help you do this easily. Yoga poses like tree pose or plow pose can help destress the body and the mind. Many yoga classes end with corpse pose. Though this yoga pose has a not so pleasant name it truly helps you reach a deeper level of relaxation and even for some a meditative state. All of this greatly benefits your skin.

Gives You a Glow

Even slow moving yoga poses help your skin glow. How? When your body's digestion is working properly, your blood is circulating freely to your face, and your body's cells are oxygenated your skin can't help but glow. Try poses like downward facing dog to get your glow on. This basic yoga pose will help your cheeks be rosy, and your skin look great.