What's Cooking in the Seventh House?

It can tell you whether you'll do better alone or as part of a pair

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The Seventh House reminds us that if we're solid in our main relationship, a lot of other things seem to fall into place. The flip side is that troubles with the main squeeze ripple out, too. It's the Libra House and is the intimate other that is often merged into who you think you are. If it's stabilizing, you're able to use it as a foundation, but if it's a drain or a source of conflict, your life can be thrown off-balance.

A strong Seventh House brings together a husband-and-wife team that is more than they are apart. They're known as a pair, and changes to that, such as a separation, affect everything else.

There are twelve houses in astrology, and you'll find your Seventh House on your birth chart. Look for planets and the zodiac sign on the cusp to suss out your relating style. This is an air house; it has to do with ideals and whether we come close to them or fall short. 

Like Looking in a Mirror

The Seventh House is where you'll find insight on relationships. It's traditionally called the house of marriage, but it defines how you pair up, whether it's in love, friendship, or business partnerships.

The Seventh House holds clues to all important one-on-one ties, including enemies and arch-rivals. The many hues of relating, from harmony to life-or-death power struggles, are expressed here. Astrologer Kevin B. Burk calls it the "guest room" and notes that we might not realize it's part of us—part of the whole chart.

That's when the phenomenon of projection happens, when you draw people to you that have traits you're less visible with. You might have to ponder the kinds of people that you tend to meet, and look for patterns. 

First House and Seventh House: Identity 

The First House is about identity, and across the wheel, the Seventh shapes your identity in a relationship. Both are angular houses, which means they're forward leaning and have an impact. 

Do you find it easy to pair up, or are you a singleton?

Older astrology books will tell you that this house is about delays in marriage or May-December romances, where you're attracted to more mature partners or vice versa. Planets here affect relationships, whether they're conventional or break the mold. If Uranus is here, for example, you might have some unusual set-up, like each having your own room.

With Jupiter here, your beloved opens you up to far-flung worlds, cultures, and horizons. You're generous with others and inspire them to reach for what's calling their heart and soul. You like to remind others of possibilities, so they don't stay in a narrow groove.

Is your love life tragic, or are you lucky in love? Will you marry many times or just once? Will it be a happy marriage, a tumultuous one, or both? Like the love line on your palm, this house has clues to what lessons you'll encounter.

The Seventh House shows whether you're apt to partner up in business or go it alone. An energized Seventh House (Sun or Mars) makes it likely that working as a duo gets you farther faster.

Jupiter in the house of partnerships is auspicious for tandem ventures and ups the chance for financial reward. If Saturn or Pluto is in the Seventh, there can be power struggles, and you can walk through ordeals and trials together, hopefully growing stronger. Those with major Seventh House lessons emerge knowing that love's shadows are also expressions of the soul and part of true intimacy.