The Second House (Venus)

Ruled by Venus

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Creating Your Own Reality

We all seek stability and have an instinct for how to invest in what will bring lasting gains.  And if we're diligent, we dig deep in ourselves, to pull out the potential there, for a rich, creative life.  

This is how Elizabeth Rose Campbell describes the Second House in her book Intuitive Astrology.  

She wrote, "The rewards of the Second House are always the result of direct and steady work over time.  Self-esteem grows as a consequence of having followed through with intention.  There is no substitute for doing."

A certain earthy common sense goes along with this House, along with the patience to be committed to sticking with the desired goal.  

And I've noticed that it's what we create from our own natural gifts and those sustained efforts.  This is in polarity to the Eighth House, which is to do with what's shared, and financial or psychic support from others.  

There's a real DIY spirit in the Second House.  

I see hints of this in my own life, with the North Node there, of moving away from relying on others and getting into a rhythm of working toward long-range goals.  It's also where "Life is Good," where we settle into a simple groove and avoid drama that drains our time and psyche.  

It seems a life lesson is learning a craft, and being willing to be the apprentice, for as long as it takes to gain mastery.  This is the House of the artisan, the builder, the performer and ally of all things natural.

What's Venerated?  

The Second House is about sewing seeds, in order to enjoy an abundant harvest. There's a strong drive for any planet here, of course, to pursue material security.

It's the arena of how we create a strong grounding of the Self, based on what is valued.  The word venerated comes from Venus, this House's ruler.  What do you venerate?  Look at this House in your birth chart for the answer.  

This house shows the ways we build up our lives around us and cultivate a sense of place. It's about becoming established, and this includes the building of real, tangible wealth.

Second House issues have to do with pulling our own weight in the world. Insights are found here about self-sufficiency, and how grounded we are.

A strong second house causes us to build with stability in mind, and plan ahead through wise investment of resources. Challenges in this area include financial dependence on others, and compromising our values in return for some monetary gain.

Blooming Where Planted

The Second House is where we are so preoccupied with our own lives, we aren't pulled into the crises of others.  

 Its lessons are about being consistent and learning how to deal with the material plane. This house is where we take our time to be thorough. Planets here are expressed through deliberate action and can support tangible progress.

This House guides us to experience life through the senses. It's a pathway to feeling our animal selves and savoring the creature comforts of life.

Planets here reach out to taste, smell, touch and just experience being part of the natural world. It can be a guide to manifesting from the ground up, from an intimate experience of what's there all around.

House of

Taurus and Venus

Life Themes

roots, wealth, values, steady effort, possessions, investment, harvest, careful cultivation, security, real estate, wise use of resources