The Right Reasons to Have A Baby

Having a baby is a big decision, one that many newlyweds face. Sometimes, people decide to become parents for all the wrong reasons. They think the baby will improve their relationship. Or they want to keep up with the Joneses, who have 3.5 kids. They are not necessarily thinking rationally about what’s best for them as a couple or for the baby they plan to have. On the other hand, there are plenty of good reasons to decide to reproduce. Here are a few of them:

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To Create a Family

Father lifting baby
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You and your spouse are ready – financially and emotionally – to bring a new life into the world. You long to nurture and raise a little person who will likely be similar to you but still completely unique. Perhaps, you and your spouse feel like something is still missing, and a baby would complete your vision of family.

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To Take on a New Challenge

You’re ready – as a couple – for the challenge of a lifetime. Your relationship is on solid ground, and you feel as though you make a good team willing to take on the tasks of child-rearing – from nursing to having the sex talk.

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To Fulfill a Devotion to Children

You love children and you’re ready to have a family of your own, instead of doting on other people’s kids. Maybe you’re a favorite aunt or uncle, and your heart breaks a little bit every time your nieces and nephews walk out your door and into their parent’s car. It’s time for you to be the favorite mom or dad instead.

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To Seize the Moment

You and your spouse have a terrific relationship, and you’re both past age 35. You’re concerned that if you put off having children any longer, you will have trouble getting pregnant or have complications in pregnancy or delivery. If you are certain that you’re ready and have a good relationship with your spouse, there’s no time like the present to start trying.

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To Answer the Call

People get the call for certain vocations. Some people feel this way about parenthood. They feel as though they were meant to guide a child. They believe they could do a good job of steering the child in the right direction so that he or she has a productive, healthy, happy life. People who want to answer this call feel as though parenting is the job that they were put on Earth to do.

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To Spread Joy

You’re happy with one and another and have even more love to share. You long to bring light into a new life. You imagine this baby will do the same for you.

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To Accept Destiny

You’re already pregnant and most – if not all – of the reasons above apply to you. You might not have been planning to get pregnant, but it happened. Now, you are thrilled with the news that you and your new spouse are going to become parents. Talk about a great wedding gift!