The Real Deal on a Brazilian Waxing

Expert Interview with Leonard Serrani

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A Brazilian waxing doesn't have to be a scary experience if you go to the right technician. Expert waxer and educator Leonard Serrani answers top questions on this specialty service, include common etiquette concerns and what to look for from your technician to get a safe and professional service. 

The Brazilian wax is very popular, but not all technicians know how to perform this type of bikini wax safely. What should clients be looking for when searching for a salon and technician to get this specialty service?

This is a great question. Waxing has become a specialty over the past years with the evolution of full body and Brazilian waxing. Not every salon or spa has the expertise to perform a safe and effective Brazilian wax. Keep in mind that if standard waxing techniques are used in your most sensitive areas, you stand a good chance of being bruised. This will result in soreness for several days or up to a week. Here are some of the things you will want to be aware of when choosing that perfect salon.

  • Has the technician been formally trained in Brazilian waxing?
  • How many Brazilian waxes do they perform weekly?
  • Do they use a new wax applicator every time the wax is applied? If they use the same applicator each time the wax is applied, there is a good chance the wax is contaminated. Find another salon.
  • Does the technician wear gloves? You would be surprised how many technicians still wax without gloves. The nail is a bed of bacteria and the most common is Staphylococcus. This can cause anything from impetigo to toxic shock and even skin eating diseases. When your hair is removed from the root it is extremely susceptible to infection. When your technician wears gloves, it minimizes the chance of infection.
  • Does the technician use hard wax or strip wax? Hard wax is the type of wax that hardens and is removed without a strip. Hard wax should be used in the more sensitive areas. This will avoid damaging the skin on your very sensitive labia area.

This is one of the most "close contact" services at the spa. So what is the etiquette for a client when getting a Brazilian?

Each salon is different. Proper etiquette is simply a professional approach by your technician. You will probably be given a towel and asked to remove your pants. Yes, your panties too. Some salons might offer you a disposable panty, however, they tend to get in the way and make it more difficult to reach certain areas. Your technician may talk to you to help relieve some of your nerves.

I talk to my clients and explain to them what I'm doing and why. I have found that educating my clients results in a more relaxed service. Don't be shy! Your technician is concentrating on hair growth and skin texture. The fact you are naked from the waist down is completely irrelevant to the technician.

You may be asked to flip over and get on your knees when they wax your bum. If you are not comfortable with this simply inform the technician that you do not want to be waxed there. I personally do not like that position. I have my clients simply bring their knees to their chest. That allows for perfect removal of the hair down under.​

We know sanitation is extremely important for all waxing services to keep clients safe from infection and diseases. Why is it even more paramount for Brazilians?

When performing a Brazilian, sanitation becomes even more important. If the proper steps are not taken, you stand a good chance of becoming ill or contracting an infection. Not to worry! If you choose a salon that follows a few simple sanitary rules you will be fine.​

  • Make sure they use a new applicator each and every time they apply wax to your skin.
  • Make sure they wear gloves.
  • Make sure the tweezers or any other instruments they use are sanitized.

What possible side effects or issues can a person run into when getting this specialty wax?

If your wax is performed by a seasoned professional, there should be no adverse side effects or soreness. You can expect a little redness for a few hours but that should be it. If your skin is very sensitive you may be red for up to 24 hours.

If performed by a novice the side effects can be more extensive. If you are sore for more then a few hours, chances are your technician removed some skin. You might remain sore for up to a week and could scab.

All in all, a Brazilian wax is one of the greatest services you can have done. It will eliminate shaving for up to four weeks and leave your skin soft and smooth. My clients tell me they are now spoiled! Shaving is no longer an option. If you need additional information on Brazilian waxing you can visit our website.

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