The 'Pretty Little Liars' Characters and Their Secrets

Will we find out who killed Alison Dilaurentis and why?

The cast of 'Pretty Little Liars' at People's Choice Awards 2016
The cast of 'Pretty Little Liars' at People's Choice Awards 2016. Smallz & Raskind / Getty Images

"Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead," sings the closing line of the lead-in to Pretty Little Liars. But what if one of them is dead, yet their secrets get out anyway? Ali knew a big secret about each of the liars and now she is dead. Who killed Alison Dilaurentis and why? And is Ali back from the dead to torment Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer into confessing their secrets and lies? They each have a secret that only Ali knew, but their lies continue.

Aria Montgomery

Aria Montgomery
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Aria is the eccentric one of the group. Her mother, Ella, is an English teacher, and her father, Byron is a college professor. She also has a younger brother, Mike, who plays lacrosse.

Ali's Lie: While Ali and Aria were walking home from school, they saw Byron in the back of his car making out with one of his students. Byron asked Aria not to tell anyone, including her mother, and Aria never did, which caused her to feel tremendous guilt.

More Lies: After returning home from Iceland, where the family had gone after Ali went missing and after Aria's friendship with the other girls had dissolved, Aria hooked up with a man in the bathroom of a bar. On the first day of school, Aria realized that sexy-bathroom-Ezra is her new English teacher, Mr. Fitz. Against their better judgment, they continued seeing each other and keeping their relationship a secret until after she graduated college. They married in the episode Till DeAth Do Us PArt.

Emily Fields

Shay Mitchell
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Emily is the good girl. She's always done exactly what her parents wanted her to until she fell in love with a girl. After first she didn't want to believe that she is gay and tried to convince herself otherwise.

Ali's Lie: Emily was in love with Ali and even kissed her, but Ali played it off as a joke.

More Lies: Emily began to recognize her sexuality when she was drawn to Maya, the new girl that moved into Ali's old house. Emily was confused about her feelings for Maya, and for a while, continued life as usual with her boyfriend, Ben. People find out that Emily is gay, thanks to A, and although her parents struggled with the news, they are now accepting her sexuality.

Hanna Marin

Ashley Benson
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Hanna is the popular one. Hanna's parents are divorced and her father has a fiance. She has a daughter who is Hanna's age.

Ali's Lie: Ali caught Hanna throwing up after eating and knew that Hanna felt insignificant in her father's eyes.

More Lies: After Ali's death, Hanna and Mona, the awkward girl they used to make fun of, worked really hard to make themselves over and are now the popular girls of Rosewood. But the more Hanna needs to deal with her old friends because of the mysterious messages they all receive from A, the more Mona moves away from her and the closer Hanna gets to giving in to her insecurities and falling into old habits. She is sure that she is days away from becoming the chubby, tag-along that she was in junior high.

Spencer Hastings

Troian Bellisario
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Spencer is the smart one. She is an overachiever, but no matter how many A's she gets in her AP classes or how well she does in sports, her big sister Melissa seems to always do better. Spencer just can't seem to get out from under her sister's shadow, except with boys.

Ali's Lie: Ali knew that Spencer was in love with Melissa's boyfriend, Ian, and that she'd kissed him.

More Lies: Spencer had feelings for Melissa's fiancé, and when he showed signs of returning those feelings, Spencer gave in. Also, feeling pressure from so much schoolwork, Spencer stole Melissa's paper and turned it in as her own.

After graduation, Spencer lost her new boyfriend Toby to the A-Team, but after a stay in Radley Sanitarium agreed to join them. She was kicked out as a double-agent, then was kidnapped but escaped in Game On, Charles.

The Jenna Thing

Then there is the shared lie. Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer were all there the night Ali threw fireworks into a garage as a prank on Toby. The prank went wrong and Toby's stepsister, Jenna, lost her sight. Ali made the girls swear never to tell what really happened. If they would have told, would that have led the police to Ali's killer?

These girls are very different from one another ​and likely wouldn't have become friends if the beautiful and popular Alison hadn't taken them in. Now their lives are forever intertwined, not only because they all lost their friend, Alison, but because they all share the secret about The Jenna Thing. Look for the lies and secrets to continue for pretty little liars Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer. And speaking of pretty little liars, what will be uncovered about Alison DiLaurentis' secrets and lies?