How to Give a Tattoo As a Present

Handing out gift certificates makes this list

Teen Getting Henna Tattoo
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You might be thinking of giving that special someone in your life the gift of a tattoo for Christmas, a birthday or another occasion. For fans of body art, this is the perfect present. However, there are a few factors that you should consider before taking this step, so your gift of love doesn't land you in the doghouse.

What Not to Do

DON'T just take them to a tattoo shop with a blindfold over their eyes and say, "Surprise!" This will more than likely scare the recipient half to death.

Getting a tattoo is a big decision that requires thoughtful planning and consideration. They may have a lot of questions before they are ready to make this step.

DON'T take them to the first studio you come to, or one you heard was "cheap." The tattoo they end up with might be a constant reminder of your lack of planning.

DON'T give a tattoo to someone who is deathly afraid of needles. No matter how much they might say they really want a tattoo, this will pressure them into thinking they have to, and it might turn out to be a miserable experience. Save the phobia-busting for the professionals.

DON'T pick out their design for them. It is their body, and if they want a tattoo, it will be their decision what they end up getting, no matter how great you think it would be if they got your name on them.

DON'T get a tattoo for someone who doesn't like them. This might seem obvious, but some people think that if a nay-sayer would just get one, then they'd come to appreciate them.

Not a good idea.

Steps You Should Take 

DO give your recipient a gift certificate. This will allow them to take the time they deem necessary to decide what they want and when they want it. Most studios have gift certificates available, which usually do not expire for at least a year. Do check out all the tattoo studios in your area and find one with a good reputation, a high standard for cleanliness and no tolerance for unhealthy practices.

If your friend already has a favorite artist, stick with that studio.

DO give the needle-shy (that really want a tattoo) some magazines and books on the process of tattooing, and even refer them to some personal testimonials that might help them overcome their fear. Education is the key. No one wants to ride the roller-coaster unless they know it is safe.

DO give them the space, the time and the freedom to choose their design on their own. A tattoo should be something that is special and meaningful. Encourage them to look through designs to get an idea but to be creative enough to come up with something not "in the books."

Wrapping Up

Giving the gift of a tattoo could be a great idea for the holiday. Take your time, plan it out, and the gift you give will thank you for a lifetime.