All About The Oatmeal, The Internet's Favorite Web Comic

Matthew Inman's famous web comics will always make us laugh.

Description: Humorous thoughts and observations, starring freaky blob-people cartoons.
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What is "The Oatmeal"?:

Some things in life seem complicated, but they're really not. All you really need is a web comic explaining how to do something, why something sucks, what makes something interesting, or what the hell is wrong with people. The Oatmeal is more than happy to provide these comics!

The Oatmeal is a humor website created in 2009 by Seattle-based cartoonist Matthew Inman. The site features all of Inman's original comics, quizzes, and even the odd long form article. The Oatmeal has a distinctive visual style, wherein everyone is represented as an amorphous blob topped with a hemispherical head, with bulging bug eyes atop a gaping maw. Although this sounds terrifying, it is actually quite charming. Because if you can't relate to a hideous blob-person, what can you relate to, really?

What's It About?

Inman's comics tend to be about observations on modern life, with whimsical elements like bears, laser beams, and unicorns thrown in for good measure. He often writes about topics like English grammar, cats versus dogs, zombies, coffee, and other things that are near and dear to the average web user's heart.While The Oatmeal is mostly comical, Inman also delves into more serious social and personal issues from time to time, including the time when his family lost their home in a house fire when he was young. Somehow, even delicate subject matter such as that youthful tragedy manages to be amusing in the hands of an able comedian like Inman.

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Who Reads The Oatmeal?

Honestly? Everybody. Everybody reads The Oatmeal, or at least everybody has seen an Oatmeal comic online or in their local book store.The website receives millions of pageviews each month; which is more than enough to generate advertising revenue that puts Inman solidly into the "millionaire" category. He has a massive social media following, including almost 4 million fans on Facebook, 680,000 fans on Instagram, and 548,000 Twitter followers. His books sell out, and in 2014 he received The Eisner Award for Best Comic.

What Else Does The Oatmeal Do?

In addition to keeping his website full of fresh content each week, Inman has extended his branding to numerous books, calendars, games and other merchandise, all of which can be found on his website.

Here's a sampling of the best of The Oatmeal so far:

This is just a small sampling of the creative goodness located on Inman's website. Check it out, but be prepared to lose several hours of productivity! This is just good old fashioned comedy disguised as goofy comic strips, but you've also got to love how much HEART Inman has. He's a good guy in real life, and that goodness shines brightly through his cartoons.

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