The Ninth House (Jupiter)

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The Ninth House is the call to adventure, and to be part of something bigger than yourself.  That something bigger can be an ideal, like the noble truth, or the pursuit of knowledge leading to wisdom.  

Here you'll find the scrapbook of your travels, spiritual seeking, higher education and fellow wanderers.

Do you know what's in your Ninth House?  Look for it on the birth chart, and if it's empty, you can look at the flavor of your Ninth by finding the Zodiac sign on its cusp.

It's also the House of your worldview, and how far you venture into new landscapes — or mindscapes.  Do you have a mind that follows truth wherever it leads?  Then you know the buzz of knowledge that's the pay-off of this house and its sign Sagittarius.

Both the Third and Ninth House are realms of perception and include media.  But the Ninth House is the international edition, to the more local or specialized preoccupations of the Third House.

The Ninth House involves being a pilgrim in new (to you) lands and adapting your own vision based on what you learn.  This is a dynamic House and one where whose particulars reveal how your worldview has changed many times.

It's the House of moving intelligence, with an intuitive factor that's the wild card, and where you're able to jump to conclusions —and be right!  This is your House of dot-connecting, and then holding forth on your findings.  Read more about the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity of moving intelligence.

The House of Jupiter

The Ninth House is the growing edge, where led by passions and curiosity about life. It involves what leads us into ever-widening circles of knowledge, the kind that changes the world-view.

Signs and synchronicity show up in the Ninth, sending gut-level hits about a path of destiny. It's associated with integrated fields of knowledge, philosophy and the longing to understand spiritual experience across cultures.

Experiential Learning

The other difference with the polarity and Gemini's Third House is that the Ninth is a House of action.  It's not enough to read about things in a book and think on them abstractly.  This is the House of experiencing, and learning by doing—or being there.

It's the House of First-Hand Knowledge

And it's one where the guide is meaning, as you look for sync clues on your inspired path.  If you've become derailed from your destined path, the hints of this House conspire to re-align you, for a renewed sense of being on track.

This House determines how we absorb new experiences, philosophies, ways of living, and shape them into an evolving perspective. There's an emphasis on experiential knowledge and the thrill of venturing forth in an active way.

The Ninth House guides journeys across all kinds of boundaries, lifting out the essence of what's got vitality. The mind skips out of old grooves, and into fresh zones where the landscape is alive. This house guides us to fascinations, especially ones that broaden the horizon and bring new opportunities.

The sign and planetary action in the Ninth House show how your faith in life is restored. The little clues and dramas in this house are the part of the spiritual quest.

It defines what gives you that sense that you're on the right track, following clues on a path of spiritual growth. A strong Ninth House gives you an inner awareness that life is rewarding, with the chance for new vistas to see around every corner. It shows how the dots are connected, to make sense of the journey of life.

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