The Strange and Mysterious Old Woman

Mysterious old woman
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A strange, elderly lady repeatedly appears to a young woman with life predictions, advice, and even warnings.

Who is the strange old woman who keeps appearing to Raven, both in her dreams and waking life? Raven doesn't know the old woman's name or where's she's from, nor has she met her in any other personal way. Yet, this woman seems to know Raven intimately, giving her messages and warnings about future events.

The First Prediction

The encounters began in 1989 when Raven was 15 years old. She was eating a meal at a local fast food restaurant with her older sister, who was about seven months pregnant. They chatted casually, sometimes speculating on whether the baby would be a boy or a girl. Raven's sister could have found out from her doctor, but she wanted it to be a surprise.

The sisters finished their lunch, cleared the table, and headed out the door. An elderly woman was walking past outside, and at the time, was just another stranger whom neither of the girls knew. Raven happened to make eye contact with her when the old woman glanced down and noticed Raven's sister's swollen abdomen.

"Oh, look at that!" the woman exclaimed as her eyes lit up. "You're having a little boy!" She touched Raven's arm and said, "You're going to have a beautiful nephew, young lady!"

Raven and her sister smiled and nodded toward the nice old woman and continued on their way down the street. Just a few steps away, Raven glanced back over her shoulder, and the woman was nowhere to be seen.

It was a harmless encounter, but the sisters were both startled by the woman's assumptions. First, they wondered how she knew they were sisters. They assumed she may have noticed a family resemblance or that she was simply observant. Then, they were curious how the woman would assume that the baby was going to be a boy. While they imagined it was just a lucky guess, as the woman had a fifty-fifty chance of being right, they still found it to be odd. Most people would have asked if it was going to be a boy or a girl. Furthermore, this woman ended up being right: two months later, Raven's sister gave birth to a boy — a "beautiful nephew" for Raven.

The Second Encounter

The incident was tucked away in Raven's mind as one of those odd things that happen. Then, five years later, Raven was surprised by another "chance" meeting with the woman.

Raven was attending a beauty school on the other side of town. It was her first week on the floor. When she started beauty school, she spent months in the classroom learning, and then she was put out in the salon to work on actual customers, where she was monitored by an instructor. On this particular day, Raven was called to the front desk by the salon's receptionist. "You have a request," the receptionist said.

"Who could be asking for me?" Raven asked, puzzled. "I just started working out here." The receptionist gestured toward the customer waiting area. "She's over there and she asked for you by name."

Raven turned and looked. Her jaw dropped when she saw it was the same elderly woman from years back who predicted the outcome of her sister's pregnancy. Raven escorted the lady back to her station and sat her in the chair. At this point, because the woman asked for her by name, Raven began to wonder if maybe she should know who this woman was. Perhaps she was a friend of her mother's that she had met long ago and had forgotten. Raven felt awkward like she was supposed to know who the elderly woman was. Raven waited for the woman to clue her in, but she didn't.

Words of Warning

As Raven was working on the woman's hair, the woman finally spoke up, blurting out a strange non-sequitur: "You need to use lard." Raven stopped and looked at the woman in the mirror, confused. "You know," the woman continued, "my late husband and I owned a bakery when we were young in Austria. When you make a pie crust, never use butter, use lard."

It was a strange thing to say, but it actually carried some meaning for Raven, and it made her nervous. Over that past weekend, Raven attempted to make her first pie, and it was a disaster. The crust, made with butter, kept falling apart, and the pie tasted horrible.

As Raven finished the woman's hair, there wasn't much more conversation. However, when Raven took off the protective haircutter's cape, the woman leaned forward and said in a low voice, "Never pick at that blemish. It's going to leave a scar on your pretty face, young lady."

Raven was taken aback, again. She had a tiny pimple under her lower lip, and she was amazed that the woman could even see it. In fact, Raven has picked at it and has had a scar for the past 20 years. The old woman walked out of the salon, leaving Raven completely bewildered.

Important Advice

Five years later, Raven was married and seven months pregnant with her own baby. As many pregnant women experience, Raven was having a good deal of back pain. She had complained about it to her doctor, but he told her that it was just the weight of the baby and nothing to worry about.

Raven wasn't so sure, as the pain became unbearable over the following days. She didn't know what to do, as her doctor seemed annoyed like she was being a whining pregnant woman. She didn't want to go back again.

One afternoon, Raven fell asleep on her couch and began to dream. In that dream, the elderly woman appeared, looked at Raven, and said, "You need help now. Go to the hospital!"

Raven bolted awake and called her husband, who took her to the emergency room. An examination revealed that Raven required immediate surgery. After the operation the next day, her surgeon told Raven that if she had waited much longer, she likely would have had permanent nerve damage and a leg brace for life.

It was now apparent that somehow, even in Raven's dreams, the mysterious old woman knew.

Another Warning

Raven's most recent encounter was at Easter time in 2012. Raven had closed her eyes for a quick nap when the elderly lady appeared again. The women told her enigmatically, "The girl is going to ruin it for herself after she hurts you." Raven had no idea what the message could mean, but kept it in mind.

Raven was now working at a facility for junior offenses. While at work the next day, a young teen threw an object at Raven, resulting in a minor injury. The owners of the facility, however, transferred the girl to a very strict juvenile detention facility.

Spirit Guide or Lady's Image

At this point, Raven is wondering who this mysterious woman is, and how and why she seems committed to watching, advising, and even protecting Raven. Raven wonders if this elderly woman is some type of spirit guide or just a lady's image that she keeps stored in her mind, who comes in her dreams during difficult times in her life.

Raven ponders why the woman stopped appearing in person but continued to advise her in her dreams. She's curious whether the old woman died and if her dreams were the only way the woman could still make contact. While Raven's experiences could be merely chalked up to coincidence, it is also possible that the woman could really be Raven's spirit guide. Other theories include her being the ghost of a watchful ancestor, a psychic, a witch, or even Raven's future self, traveling back through time and space to help herself in time of need.