The Most Interesting Jobs in Criminal Justice

People take jobs for lots of reasons—money, health benefits, and retirement, to name a few. But even more important than a good living or decent hours is the opportunity to truly enjoy what you do. Imagine waking up every morning excited for what the day will bring on the job. If you're looking for the kind of career you'll want to tell everyone about, we've made a list of some of the most interesting jobs in criminal justice and criminology. 

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Polygraph Examiner

Hand hooked on a table with feed for a lie detector test attached to two fingers.
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Many criminal justice careers, especially law enforcement jobs, require a polygraph exam as part of the background investigation. Polygraph examiners receive extensive training in the use of the polygraph instrument, as well as human behaviors, to identify deception and uncover the truth.

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Jury Consultant

A court bailiff presents a defendant in custody to a judge with jury sitting in background.
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Whether it's a civil or criminal trial, there is a lot at stake, and it's all riding on a jury's verdict. High-powered attorneys want to stack the odds in their favor as much as possible, which is why they hire jury consultants to study potential jurors and get a better idea of who to select—and who to strike.

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Criminal Profiler

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Criminal profilers take detective work to a whole new level, using their knowledge of psychology, behavioral science and criminology to help solve crimes. Based on how, when and where crimes are committed, profilers can develop a list of traits that a suspect will most likely have, which in turn enables investigators to narrow their search and solve crimes.

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Digital Forensics Expert

Digital forensic investigators looking at a computer screen in a room full of computers.
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In an increasingly digital world, cybercrimes are becoming the norm rather than the exception. Even many traditional crimes now leave some digital evidence. Digital forensics experts have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to extract evidence from all sorts of digital media to help bring justice online.

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Bloodstain Pattern Analyst

Blood splatter on a wood fence
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Bloodstain pattern experts are educated in physics, biology, and chemistry to help uncover important clues by examining the pattern left by blood spatters at a crime scene. They can help investigators learn the type of weapon used, the potential size of a suspect and even the direction of travel after the crime, all by studying the blood that was left on the scene.

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Forensic Ballistics Expert

Bullets near a firearm
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Forensics ballistics experts prove physics can be fun and fascinating. Using their expertise, they can gather important clues about how gun crimes were committed. Details like bullet trajectory and penetration can show how far away a shooter was and exactly where they were positioned when they pulled the trigger, which can also help investigators track down even more clues and solve the crime.

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Forensic Entomologist

Close up of a fruit fly used by many forensic investigators to pinpoint time.
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Forensic entomologists know so much about insects that they can tell you whether or not a corpse has been in a location simply by studying the types of bugs that are found there. These insect experts can provide crucial information about the time of death and whether or not a corpse was moved from another location.

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Major League Baseball Investigator

A baseball in a glove laying on grassy turf representing Major League Baseball.
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MLB investigators work to keep the game of baseball as pure as possible by looking into allegations of wrongdoings by players and teams. They help reduce the opportunities for cheating by investigating issues like improper recruiting tactics, use of performance-enhancing drugs, and other serious violations of MLB rules both on and off the field. 

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Secret Service Agent

Secret Service agents walking away from Airforce One in front of the Presidential limousine
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The United States Secret Service has been the subject of fascination for many since its inception. The mysterious "men in black" always seen behind the president do much more than protect dignitaries and VIPs. They have a very large role in investigating financial fraud and counterfeiting as well.

Love Your Job and You'll Never Work a Day in Your Life

No matter your motivation, there's much to be said for working in a job you truly love. With the proper preparation and motivation, you can find a career that will fascinate you and keep you excited to go to work for years to come.