Listen to One of the Most Convincing EVP Recordings Ever Captured

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In January of 2007, the Central New York Ghost Hunters, based in Syracuse, New York, were invited to investigate an old hotel in upstate New York. The owners of the hotel have asked to keep its location confidential. Central New York Ghost Hunters is one of the oldest paranormal investigation groups in the state.

The investigation proved to be one of the most intensely active the group has ever encountered, and produced an EVP – an electronic voice phenomena recording – that is remarkable not only for its length, but also for its terrifying content.

It may well be the most intense and frightening EVP ever recorded.

EVP Recordings: The Investigation

On that weekend in January, CNYGH founder Stacey Jones and several members of the group went to the hotel on an overnight stay for what they thought would be a routine investigation. They had no idea what they were in for.

Originally built in the late 1800s, the building was in its colorful history the site of some nefarious activity, a fact that might be key to what is heard in the EVP.

On Friday night, Stacey and her group set up their equipment – audio recorders, video recorders and other electronics – and settled in, hoping to document some evidence for the haunting the owners had claimed. Most investigations are relatively quiet, but this night was filled with paranormal activity, including muffled voices of unknown origin, footsteps from unseen bodies and more.

The real shocker came the next day. On Saturday afternoon at about 3 p.m., two female CNYGH investigators and a member of the owner's family sat on the staircase of the hotel with a digital voice recorder, intending to capture some EVP. They chose the stairway because they had heard soft conversations and footsteps on the floor above, although no one was up there.

But when they later played the recording back, what they heard were not soft voices and footsteps, but something totally unexpected and completely terrifying.

The EVP: What to Expect

On the recording, you can hear three females talking. You can hear one person say "Hello, baby," then the conversation continues. But you can also hear what sounds like a struggle or attack.

But then you hear a distinct male voice, the sounds of a cuckoo clock, and the ticking of an old-fashioned clock. At one point, it sounds like the microphone is moved, and then the sound is clearer.

Everyone from Ghost Hunters and the hotel staff was female on the night of the recording. And it's important to note that there was no clock in the hotel.

You can hear a woman tell another person to get off her, and then there is the distinct sound of a struggle. Throughout the battle, you can hear the investigators continue their conversation. There's also a male voice asking for help throughout.

Listen to the EVP

If you would like to hear the EVP, you can download the audio clip below. Please note, the recording is violent and may be too disturbing for some people.

To download, right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As."

The investigators swear that the EVP has not been altered, except to cut it down for time.