5 Of The Most Famous Cats On The Internet

Meet 5 of the most well known and beloved internet cats ever.

It's common knowledge that the internet LOVES cat pictures, gifs, and videos. Sure, other animals can do fun stuff like take goofy selfies or ride around on scooters like they're just one of the guys. Heck, some animals can even photobomb a picture like a pro or bring home the bacon by getting a job. But hardly any of those pets have reached true internet fame like the cats on this list.

The good folks of the internet will always love a funny furry friend, but since watching cat videos has been scientifically proven to boost your mood even people who claim to hate cats can't resist the cuteness of Lil' Bub. Grumpy people everywhere even got their own kitty mascot in Grumpy Cat.

There's a cat for everybody here on the web! Here are five famous cats who have moved beyond having just a few fans to true internet stardom. 

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Grumpy Cat

Courtesy: Know Your Meme.

Everybody loves Grumpy Cat! In September 2012, a Reddit user uploaded a photo of his sister's very annoyed looking cat, Tard (short for Tardar/Tartar Sauce), and the internet instantly fell in love. Soon, Grumpy Cat was everywhere and making oodles more money than any of us non-famous cat owners could ever dream of.

Even though Grumpy Cat is now touring the country, scoring book and movie deals, and is generally as famous as a cat can ever be... something tells me she's kind of "meh" about it. Her owners, however, are probably loving life.

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Keyboard Cat

Courtesy: YouTube.

In 1984 Charlie Schmidt inexplicably dressed his cat, "Fatso" in a blue shirt and placed the cat in front of an electronic keyboard. What can I say? People do weird things when they're bored.

Once the video of the cat "playing" a cheerful tune hit YouTube it quickly became one of the most recognizable animal memes ever. Keyboard Cat now makes appearances in parodies, commercials, and TV shows.

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All Hail Colonel Meow!

Courtesy: facebook.com/colonelmeowinthecity.

Colonel Meow is a Himalayan Persian cat whose trademark fluffy coat and incredibly angry facial expression made him a huge star online. 

Colonel Meow sums it up best with his Twitter description: "I'm a grumpy, fluffy cat that wants to rule the world. I like treaties. I have a golden retriever named Boots who is my #1 Minion. Suck it."

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Nyan Cat

Courtesy: nyancat.com.

It all started with a YouTube video of an animated cartoon cat (with the body of a Pop-Tart, just 'cuz) flying through space, leaving a rainbow trail behind it, and set to a Japanese pop song hit the web.

Soon there was an animated gif, a website, social media pages, and tons of Nyan Cat merchandise. Why? Because why not, that's why.

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Business Cat

Courtesy: Smosh.

Business Cat mixes traditional office jargon with your basic a--hole cat behavior. 

Business Cat doesn't really have a job (duh). He's really a house cat named "Emilio" whose owner's girlfriend bought him a collar and tie from Etsy one Christmas, then uploaded his photo to Reddit. The rest, as they say, is history.

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