The Most Comfortable Heels You Can Wear All Day or Night

High heels are a staple in many women's wardrobes, but most people complain that heels are uncomfortable to wear. This is especially true for those just starting to wear heels, and for people whose work requires ample amounts of standing, walking, or being on their feet. In fact, Katy Bowman, M.S. suggests that high heels could "be the cigarettes of the future," meaning that women put up with their harmful side effects for the social and sex appeal.

Many people contend with the discomfort and pain of heeled shoes for various reasons: they want to appear taller, they like the silhouette a heel gives their legs, they believe heels give a more professional look, their pants fit best with a heeled shoe, etc. Whatever the reason, the majority of heel wearers wish there was a more comfortable option, while still remaining fashionable. If you want to wear them, it's worth finding high heels that feel comfortable and fit well.

Below is a roundup of some of the most comfortable heels to wear whether you're trotting around the office, or making moves on the dance floor. Take care of your feet! Put a few to the test and see how it goes. 

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Clark's Iamli Jasmine

Clark's is on the top of the comfortable shoe list for many, and that includes their heels and dress shoes. Many of their shoes utilize their Comfort Plus design elements, which include "precisely placed, anatomically targeted dual density cushioning," which the company claims reduces strain on the ball of the foot, a big factor in comfort, and even supports the "biomechanics of walking," or the foot's natural gait. This is just one of their several comfort tech options for men, women, and children.

While Clark's is mostly known for their modest, classic leather shoes, they have some fashion forward designs as well. Try their Imali Jasmine shoe. Available in three colors, this sporty and sexy sandal delivers height and drama with a high, chunky heel and soft black leather. The leather sock and sandal provide some stylish comfort, and it's the lightweight EVA outsole that really makes these stunning heels even more walkable.

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Dr. Scholl's

Dr. Scholl's Pump
Dr. Scholl's

Dr. Scholl's is best known for their shoe inserts, but this brand also makes shoes with their built-in comfortable sole design. Their Women's Executive Pump or something similar with a classic shape with some comfortable extras like a slip-resistant outsole, Dri-Lex moisture-wicking lining and Aegis Microbe Shield to control odor, a memory foam Cool Fit and anti-compression insole, and a gently rounded toe. According to their website, in "independent lab testing, our shoes beat industry average for comfort and cushioning." Not bad! Plus, the two inch heel is a moderate height for those who find a lower heel more cozy.

With the belief that "function and fashion should always be in perfect harmony," this American company offers several options. Shop their entire selection of women's shoes.

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8" Pleaser Heels

Believe it or not, some high heel wearers swear that their sky high heels are the most comfortable option! These 8" Pleasers, for example, are well known for being quite comfortable compared to other high heels. Don't believe it? The comfort secret to these extreme high heels is that the front platform is super high, too. Because of that, the foot is not at such a severe angle as you might expect. Though they have a reputation for after hours events, you can try these high heels yourself in a variety of colors and styles and wear them as part of your everyday or special occasion attire.

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Comfort Tip: Platform

Platform Sass Velvet Heels
Chinese Laundry/ModCloth

Platform shoes aren't just for the club or the 1960s! And you don't need to go sky high in order to relish the comfort of a platform heel. Modern and comfortable platform heel options have come a long way. Whether the heel itself is thin or a wedge, the front platform will aid in comfort. Want to try it? Take a small step with a small platform and a similarly high block heel for height without the extreme angle, like these Platform Sass Velvet Heels from Chinese Laundry, available at ModCloth.

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Cole Haan

Cole Haan red velvet pump
Cole Haan

Designer Cole Haan has a reputation for creating stylish and comfortable shoes, including heels and wedges. They were well known for their affiliation with Nike, the sneaker designer, and using their Nike Air technology within the sole of classic pumps. Though this partnership is no longer, Cole Haan is still a go-to for women shopping for comfortable heels. 

Shop their wide array of classic pumps and heels, including their Grand Revolution collection, which includes special comfort technology. These shoes use Grand.OS technology to provide increased cushiness, greater flexibility and reduced weight, and even leather outsoles with flex grooves and foam cushioning. Try the luscious velvet Larue Grand Stud Pump style or any of the others in this fashionable (and comfortable!) group.

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Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffery Campbell Lita
Jeffery Campbell

The Jeffery Campbell Lita comes highly recommended as a comfortable heel. With a 5" heel and 2" platform, and laces up to the ankle, this high-heeled shoe combines the platform and lace up comfort tips for a double dose of cozy, and a major helping of sex appeal. Not to mention, the sturdy heel provides a thick base for added security.

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Comfort Tip: Wedge and Width

Torrid Wedge Heel

One way to spread out support underneath the foot is with a wedge heel. A wedge connects the foot bed and the highest part of the heel with a gradual rise. They are commonly paired with a platform sole, or can start from the floor like the Mesh Scalloped Lace Up Mini Wedge style from Torrid, seen here.

In addition to a wedge, getting the width that's right for you is key. The shoe seen here is wide width, meaning you won't have to size up unnecessarily. Most shoes are sold in medium width, but several are designed in narrow or wide width, too! Choose the width that fits you best.

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David's Bridal

David's Bridal heel
David's Bridal

One of the occasions where a comfortable heel is most needed: a wedding! David's Bridal not only creates wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses, but also dance floor worthy heels and shoes to go with them. The Mirror Metallic Block Heel Sandals have a moderately high 2.5" block heel for a sturdy foundation, plus an adjustable ankle strap for a secure fit. Not to mention, the metallic color is one of the trendiest: rose gold. You can shake and shimmy all night without having to reach for a pair of flats or flip flops in these shoes!

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Bryr Clogs

San Fransisco based shoe company, Bryr, believes that slow fashion is the key to comfort. Their clogs and heels are made-to-order, and their customer base says the 30 day wait is well worth it. Using lightweight wood as a base, these shoes are sturdy, high quality, and stylish. Try the Metallic Sofie Closed Toe No Kilt Clog for a bit of fashion flair. 

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Taryn Rose

Taryn Rose Gabriela
Taryn Rose

Founded in 1998, Taryn Rose shoes were dreamed up and created by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Taryn Rose. She partnered with design experts and tech innovators to create "a collection of shoes that looked beautiful and felt incredibly comfortable." While the company offers a variety of heel heights and styles, it's the inner engineering that really makes these high heels comfortable. Try them for yourself, like the classic pump in a cool hue, the Gabriela in a light blue.

Dr. Rose also partnered with Enrico Cuini to create a line of sexy stilettos that feel as good as they look!