Influence of the Moon on Your Astrological Sign

Astronomical and astrological of the crescent (first quarter) Moon
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There are many people who connect with their astrological sun sign, but, to be fair, your moon or lunar sign can be equally as important. For example, there are some people who do not connect with their sun sign and the main reason may be that their lunar sign has more influence over their personality.

The position of the moon in the zodiac at the time of your birth is your moon sign. This sign is especially important for women as the moon is considered the patroness of women and has female qualities.

Moon Sign in a Birth Chart

The moon is in a new constellation every couple of days. If you have a birth chart created, you can find your lunar sign by looking for the symbol of the lunar crescent to find your moon sign and house position.

Importance of the Moon Sign

The moon's position when you were born can shed light on your inner self. The moon's sign, house, and phase can tell you a lot about your emotional instincts and habits. The moon can help define your emotional development or express the unconscious side of your personality. It can explain why you do what you do.

The moon's position in your birth chart can explain why two people with the same sun sign can be so different. 

If Your Sun and Moon Sign Are the Same

If you were born with both your sun and moon in the same sign, that would make you a "double" of that sign, which creates both harmony and amplification of the sign's traits. For example, someone born with sun and moon in Scorpio is a "double Scorpio" and these two planets act in harmony with Scorpio traits.

Meaning of the Moon in Astrology

While the sun can be considered the core self through which you find expression in the world, the moon is like the inner life that only close companions get to experience. It is the private you that reveals itself behind closed doors. It is also the unguarded you that has to act on instinct, the one that comes out in a crisis.

In astrology, the moon is the instinctual self, and because of that, some might not feel comfortable with its full expression. In times of great stress, these qualities could be exposed and make the person feel strangely out of control. If you have ever completely lost it, you know what it is like when the sun is eclipsed by the moon. You might feel like a full-fledged “lunatic.”

In your daily life, the moon is what you fall back on to restore your sense of emotional security. For some, this means reaching out socially, but for others, this could mean retreating to a solitary corner of the mind. It also speaks volumes about how you handle your intimate life. 

A key relationship in astrology is that between the sun and the moon. If someone has an ongoing tug-of-war between the will to act and your emotions, it often the two signs dueling. When you understand the essence of the moon and its influence on you, you are no longer “in the dark.” Your moon sign is valuable information for understanding the interior life of family members, friends, and potential romantic partners.