Ilkley Moor and the Men in Black

Follow-up to the Ilkley Moor Alien Case

Originally taken by Philip Spencer
Ilkley Moor alien. public domain

From the Nick Redfern Book, "The Real Men in Black," comes some valuable information on one of Ufology's most mystifying cases, the Ilkley Moor Alien.

The case was taken under review by well-known investigator Peter Hough. The case, as you may know, concerned police officer Philip Spencer, who while visiting the Ilkley Moor in 1987, encountered an alien being, and witnesses a UFO taking off.

He was allegedly abducted, but was able to take a blurry, yet compelling photograph of an alien being. This is one of only a few photographs taken of an alien considered legitimate by many researchers.

Hough's investigation uncovered the fact that Spencer suffered from missing time, a typical component of alien abduction. This fact was made known through hypnotic regression. Spencer unwillingly underwent medical testing on the UFO, and was warned by alien beings of pending disaster on Earth if we did not change our ways.

Additional details of the description of the alien beings were also revealed. Spencer described them as being about 4 feet tall with large eyes, huge hands, small mouth, and three fingers on each hand. This matched the photograph that Spencer had taken on the Moor in December, 1987.

Spencer's Second Encounter

Just a month or so later in January, Spencer would have a visit from the Men in Black. Two other cases of encounters with the Men in Black that come to mind are the 1997 Alien Abduction in Wales, and the alleged Maury Island Crash of 1947.

On a Friday evening, Spencer heard a knock on his front door. He opened it, and saw two men of middle age. They were dressed in typical Men in Black suits. Both men showed Spencer their Ministry of Defence identification badges. Humorously, their names were Jefferson and Davis.

Spencer, not knowing what to expect from the two visitors, invited them inside, and the three sat down for a talk. One of the alleged agents, Jefferson, told him that they had come to discuss his encounter the month before in the Ilkley Moor. This took Spencer by surprise, since he had only told 3 people, all civilians, about what had occurred in the Moor.

The two men were very well versed on the case, and asked him a number of questions about what had happened in December, 1987. Not sure how to react, and yet afraid to offend them in case they were officially government officials, he told them about the photograph he had taken.

Spencer, not wanting to have the photo confiscated, lied to the two men, and told them that a friend of his had the photograph. In fact, Hough had the photograph, and was having it analyzed at the time. Almost immediately the two men seemed to lose interest in questioning Spencer any further.

Questions Remain

They left almost as quickly as they had arrived. It seems that the two Men in Black, even though they had knowledge of the Ilkey Moor events, did not realize there had been a photo taken until Spencer told them so. When they realized that the image of the alien was not immediately accessible to them, they had no more business with the eyewitness.

Who exactly are the Men in Black, and who they work for? Why do they wear clothes that make them look so old fashioned? Why do they always drive older automobiles? Although they function as normal human men, it has been suggested by some that they are, in fact, aliens assuming the role of humans.

They have often been accused of making threats to individuals to not talk about what they have seen. This is an accusation that has also been made about US government agents. Whatever the case may be, they are still a mystery today.