The Masters Trophy and Other Augusta National Medals and Awards

The Masters Trophy held by 1998 winner Mark O'Meara
Mark O'Meara shows off the Masters Trophy, which he received in 1998. David Cannon/Getty Images

Does the Winner of The Masters Receive a Trophy? Yes! Everyone knows that the winner of The Masters Tournament receives the famous Green Jacket. Not quite as famous as the Green Jacket is the Masters trophy, and it, too, is presented to the winner.

And the winner isn't the only golfer at The Masters who receives a trophy. There are multiple trophies, medals and other awards handed out each year.

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The Masters Trophy

A close-up of The Masters Tournament trophy inside a protective case.

Peter Dazeley/Getty Images


The Masters trophy — a replica of the Augusta National Golf Club clubhouse — is the one you see in the two images above. The names of the winner and runner-up at each Masters are engraved onto the trophy each year. It is made of more than 900 pieces of silver, according to, and rests on a pedestal around which there are silver bands bearing the golfers' names.

The trophy was introduced in 1961 and is permanently housed in the Augusta National clubhouse. Since 1993 a sterling silver replica of the original has been presented to the Masters champion.

So here is what each Masters champion receives upon his victory:

  • The Green Jacket
  • A replica of the Masters trophy
  • A 2.3-ounce, 3.4-inch gold medal that includes the words "Augusta National Golf Club" and a rendering of Founders Circle
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The Low Amateur Trophy

The Silver Cup for the low amateur at The Masters
Sergio Garcia shows off the Silver Cup as Low Amateur at the 1999 Masters. Craig Jones / Getty Images

The low amateur at The Masters also receives a trophy, but only if the low amateur makes the cut. (If no amateur makes the cut, then no amateur receives the trophy.)

The trophy given to the low amateur is the one being displayed above by a very young Sergio Garcia, a Sergio who obviously had not yet developed his now-keen sense of style. The amateur trophy is a silver cup and, not surprisingly, is referred to as the Silver Cup by Augusta ​National poobahs.

The Silver Cup has been awarded to the low amateur making the cut since 1952, meaning that the low amateur has received a trophy in The Masters for longer than the overall winner has.

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Par-3 Contest Trophy and Other Masters Awards

Jerry Page with the Par-3 Contest trophy at The Masters
Jerry Pate holes the crystal bowl he earned by winning the Masters Par-3 Contest in 2005. Harry How / Getty Images

The Par-3 Contest is played on the Wednesday of Masters week, one day before the tournament proper tees off. And the winner of the Par-3 Contest also receives a trophy.

That trophy is a crystal bowl, and it is displayed above by Jerry Pate after winning the 9-hole fun day in 2005.

More Masters Awards

Augusta National Golf Club actually hands out quite a few trophies and awards at The Masters every year. In addition to the ones highlighted on previous pages and above, the following awards also exist:

  • The tournament runner-up receives a silver medal, identical to the winner's gold medal except that, well, it's silver.
  • The tournament runner-up also gets a silver salver (a salver is a serving tray).
  • The second low amateur, if he made the cut, receives a silver medal.
  • Each day of the tournament, the golfer who posts the lowest round receives a crystal vase with the Masters logo etched on it.
  • Anyone who makes a hole-in-one gets a large crystal bowl with the Masters logo.
  • A large crystal bowl also goes to any golfer making a double-eagle.
  • Every golfer who makes an eagle during the tournament receives two crystal goblets with the Masters logo.