The Hottest Long Bob Hairstyles of the Moment

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Long Bobs Are Here to Stay

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A big trend in hair is the long bob. It is not long hair, but it's not short hair, either. It tends to bet cut somewhat blunt and just above the shoulders. It's a fabulous length that works on any face shape and hair texture.

The long bob—also called a "lob" or "demi-bob—may be a trend, but it's here to stay. It will not go out of style anytime soon and much of that is due to the versatility of this haircut. Whether you're classy, professional, casual, funky, or anything in between, there's a long bob that's perfect for you.

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A Graduated Long Bob

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The long bob works well with all face shapes. Since it is long, it's one of the few bobs that a round-faced woman could wear because it does wonders for slimming the face. Also, if you have a long face, this cut does a great job of adding volume, which can make your face appear wider. 

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A Stylish Long Bob

Kelly Ripa
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The key to a long bob is that it has dimension. It can be a bit bland when it's cut too blunt, so layers are often stacked in the back. But it also can't be too layered, or it wouldn't be a bob.

The long bob can work on straight, wavy, and even curly hair. It's quite the versatile cut because you can wear it wavy, flat-ironed straight, or completely natural.

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An Asymmetrical Long Bob

Giuliana Rancic
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The long bob can be very chic. In this style, the center part is very fresh, and the asymmetry—with the back an inch or so shorter than the front—is a popular cut. 

To get this sleek look you'll want to flat-iron your hair or ask your stylist to thin out your thick hair. If you have wavy hair, you can either straighten it with a flat-iron or wear it wavy.

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A Curly Long Bob

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When you go with the long bob, your hair is the perfect length to add some super cute curls whenever you like. Of course, the curls will shorten it up, but it's a fun and bouncy look, especially if you have thick hair that takes curl well.

To get this look, you'll need a curling iron and styling spray. Simply spritz towel-dried hair with a styling spray, blow it dry, and then wrap one-inch pieces around a large-barrel curling iron.

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A Sleek and Simple Long Bob

Brooklyn Decker
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This is a sexy and sophisticated version of the long bob. The part is just off to the side and the cut is at an angle—a tad shorter in the back than in front. Her naturally thick hair has been thinned out, most likely with a razor, which was also used to make the ends are wispy. Her hair is flat-ironed to sleek perfection.

For this look, it's best to use a large, rounded brush. Try not to curl the ends too far under. Use a flat iron and follow that with a gloss spray such as Bumble and Bumble's Shine Spray.

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A Shaggy Long Bob

Nicole Richie
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You will get an edgier look if you ask the stylist to thin out the ends with scissors or a razor. This creates a beautiful shaggy bob that is fantastic with a hint of waves.

To get a wavy bob, spray towel-dried hair with a volumizer or palm in a leave-in conditioner if you have dry hair. Then, as you blow-dry, aim the heat up into your hair while you palm and scrunch it.

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A Sophisticated Long Bob

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This simple haircut has a bit of texture styled into it. It's a fabulous alternative to many long bobs which are so straight they appear to be flat-ironed.

You can let your long bob air dry naturally and it will look great, too. It's a good idea to give your styling tools rest on some days because it's better for your hair's health.

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A Fun, Edgy Long Bob

Michelle Dockery
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The long bob doesn't have to be styled to perfection. Sure, this one had some help from a curling iron, but it still has that shaggy, edgy look that is so cool. It's a cut that can easily be a wash-and-go style for every day. Plus, the choppy ends paired with the deep red color are just too much fun.

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A Wavy Long Bob

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Halle Berry's long bob is very flattering to her bone structure. She doesn't have angular features, but the bob makes her soft face seem stronger. A lot of that has to do with the perfectly placed, big and bold waves, which are even more spectacular with the golden highlights.

This is a look that women of any age can pull off, especially older women who are fond of a shorter, more classic bob.

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A Cool Bob

Marie-Josee Croze
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Simple but oh so cool. This blonde bob is stunning because it has just a few choppy layers. By parting the hair off to one side, the front acts like side-swept bangs and add volume, even though they're nearly the same length.

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A Mature Long Bob

Finola Hughes
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Long bobs with layers are a great choice for any woman over 50. This is a casual look that frames the face and the dip-dyed ends add a touch of whimsy. If you like, you can add bangs to this cut and it can make you look even younger.

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A Casual Long Bob

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Long bob hairstyles are super versatile. You can flat iron hair so it's sleek and sophisticated, you can curl hair, or you can let it air dry. This casual look is a great one for women who don't want to put much effort into their hair, but it also offers plenty of possibilities for special occasions.