The Gemini Guy in Zodiac Compatibility

Catch him if you can

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The Gemini Guy has an evil twin, who makes being naughty just another adventure. Gemini is the Twins, and often they do seem like two (or more) people in one!

He's got a cutting wit, and some Geminis are judgmental, in a gossipy way. You have to have a thick skin to be friends with Gemini since they'll tease you mercilessly. 

He talks faster when he's nervous and gets so excited, it seems he'll jump out of his skin. Gemini is kaleidoscopic—and they hate the overuse of that word to describe them! They roll their eyes at cliches and will defy any Gemini stereotype, as a challenge. 

The sign of the Twins is mutable (changeable), one that's always seeing through different colors and angles. Gemini in love is breathless and looking for the next thrill.

The Gemini man is a restless mover, a big talker, and always in the know. He knows the latest news, and yes, knows there's a party at so and so's tonight.

He confuses more stable thinkers since his mind jumps around seemingly without rhyme or reason. His airy nature makes him crave connection through ideas. It's exhilarating to be around him, as he's a font of impressions and an encyclopedia on two legs. 

He's often stylish and into the latest trends and gadgets, a metrosexual with a thin build. Some say he's in his head, and this makes him seem asexual. His Moon, Venus, and Mars will add nuance to that detached way—look at the big picture, as well as physical chemistry.

A lot of earth could give him a sensual edge, for example. A Gemini with a lot of water is more driven by his feelings. A Gemini with ample fire in his birth chart is inspired, and very spontaneous.  

The way to his heart is definitely through his mind. He's intellectually curious, and above all, loves having someone he can really talk to.

The Gemini Guy

  • Has noticeable nervous ticks or habits (like smoking)
  • Gesticulates with his hands a lot when he's talking
  • Has insights that make others see life differently
  • Brings comic relief to heavy situations
  • Has a turned-on, stimulating intellect
  • Is a breath of fresh air in stale or uptight gatherings
  • Is genuinely interested in others
  • Is charming and able to be detached from his problems
  • Has an astonishing variety of interests, making him very interesting
  • Has a lot of friends and a full calendar of activities going on

When He's in Love

  • His mind will work overtime to make sense of what's happening
  • He shields his deeper emotions with humor, aloofness
  • He can still leave the door open to others

In the Bedroom

  • He may fall into bed talking, and get in the mood by sharing something he heard or saw that day. He might make you laugh by mimicking a sound heard outside the window. He's random like that.
  • Sex is a tension reliever—the kind of catharsis that gets him beyond that nervous energy—and he shows a deeper side in the afterglow. He is drawn to erotic poetry, experimenting, role-playing, and other games.

What He Likes 

  • A lot of freedom
  • To be on the move, seeing new things, traveling, being part of a club scene
  • Someone who reads him without him having to communicate his emotions
  • For the relationship to be always new and different
  • Spontaneity and mixing up of routine
  • Bright minds that see things from many angles
  • A love interest who shows many sides (many looks, interests, ideas)
  • Fast conversation that is beyond the mundane
  • Humor and optimism

On the Down Side, he's easily distracted, addicted to novelty, impatient with being bored, always plugged-in (to technology), possibly living two lives, emotionally inaccessible, always keeping an eye on the exit or the next flashy thing.

On the Bright Side, great company, at ease with your friends, able to change plans, a good listener, a creative thinker, open-minded, bright and a good listener.

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