20 of the Funniest People Ever Spotted on a Subway

Blurry image of a passenger Subway train

samart Boonprasongthan/Getty Images

There's just something about public transportation that brings out the crazies! Whether it's the scantily-clad, the costumed, or the funniest people with just plain questionable fashion sense, you just never know what you're going to see when you set foot inside a subway car. Check out the following 20 people who rightfully caused quite a stir during the morning commute.

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Um, Is This Seat Saved?

big fur coat on subway


Chewbacca... is that you?

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When You Forget You're Not Alone

nips exposed on subway


Oh, hey there, Papa Bear. Nice nips, but c'mon... put those things away! You're in public, not your bathroom.

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Missing: One Band of Merry Men

subway robin hood

 Everyday Funny

+1 for flexibility. That's very impressive, in a totally useless kind of way.

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Poor Rats

rat in mouth subway

 Crazy Funny Stupid

What? It's not like these particular rodents caused the plague. We're sure they're perfectly clean, cuddly animals. Now, whether or not these rats actually want to be in this dude's mouth remains to be seen. Won't somebody please think of the rats?

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We've All Had That Dream

towel on subway platform


On the subway platform in a towel. It's almost as bad as that dream where your pants fall down while you're standing in front of the class giving a speech. 

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Pole Dancing?

subwa butt


Is this a rare deleted scene from Nicki Minaj's Anaconda video?

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He Must Be Part Vampire

upside down on subway


Just hanging around on the way to work. No big deal. 

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He's No Johnny Depp

funky man on subway


The funk is strong in this one. In fact, are we sure George Clinton hasn't gone missing?

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Don't Mind Us!

two people making out on subway


TMI! PDA! Bah! I don't care who you are or what you look like, please never, ever do this in public! Get a room, you two.

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When There's Rain in the Forecast

funky hat on subway


Wow, that hat is like something out of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Excellent!

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When Camouflage Doesn't Work

knit camo on subway


Whew! We almost wore my head-to-toe knitwear today too. That would have been awkward.

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Reduce, Reuse... Time to Recycle

recycled clothing on subway


Urban camouflage... we can barely even see him/her.

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Make Yourself at Home!

fat guy shirtless subway


When letting it all hang out like this, confidence is key. Clearly, this guy has the confidence to spare. Also, #moobs.

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We Call His Seat When He Gets Off!

recliner on subway


Have recliner, will travel! What do YOU sit on, the bench? Ew.

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Multitasking Taken to a Whole New Level

chopping onions on subway


Starting dinner prep on the train is such a time saver, kind of like when Kramer installed a garbage disposal in his shower on Seinfeld.

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Bet He's Going Somewhere Fun

gimp on subway


Spotting the Gimp on the subway makes for one of the greatest selfies ever!

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Does He Think That's an Invisibility Shirt?

self PDA on subway


Learning to love yourself is important, but let's not go nuts, bro. Practice that self-love at home.

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That's Why You Wash Your Hands When You Get Home

snooze nose on subway


We don't think we've ever slept THIS deeply.

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Foxy Lady... or Gentleman

fox on subway


What does the fox say? In this case, it turns out that he says, "Excuse me, you're stepping on my tail."

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Forgetting Something?

babysitter squishing kid on subway


"That's funny, I could have sworn we brought the baby with us today? Where did that little rascal go? And by the way, why is this seat so lumpy?"