The 8 Funniest Online Communities

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Thanks to texting, dating sites, and mobile versions of all of your favorite websites, it is now easier for people to connect online than ever before. It used to be that web users could only meet other readers through online message boards or comment sections, but now there are entire stand-alone communities you can join to find all the best humor on the web. Here are eight of the funniest online communities.


Via Reddit.

While many websites on this list host original content which their readers then comment on, Reddit is one of the only sites that is a community in and of itself. This "front page of the Internet” features user submitted content and a boisterous, hilarious community that's ready to comment on all of the best stuff from around the web each day.

Not only is Reddit one of our Top 5 Funny Sites To Read Every Day, it's also the birthplace of many of today's finest web memes.


First there was Reddit, then there was Imgur. Imgur is the image hosting service for Reddit, which makes this site kind of a visual, less text-heavy Reddit. Imgur has its own lively community of misfits.



4chan is the message board that gave birth to "RickRolling" and lolcats and brought community-created viral comedy to the masses. Humor and creativity thrives on this site because the site is more or less unmoderated and its users are allowed to post anonymously... which also means a sizable chunk of the content can be offensive, so surf with caution.

Something Awful

Something Awful

While the front page of Something Awful has fresh and funny content updated on a near-daily basis, the main attraction is the site's forum. Comedic true stories, Photoshop "contests" and riffs on pop culture, politics and other topics thrive on the site's message board. The moderators take their favorite posts and move them to the Comedy Goldmine section of the forum and they move the topics and content they deem the least funny to the Comedy Gas Chamber. Though the site is far more moderated than 4chan, there's still a focus on raunchy humor from time to time, so parents of younger Web surfers be advised. If you want to join in on the fun and start posting, there's a one-time fee of $9.95.


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While CollegeHumor's focus is clearly on the site's original content, user uploads and comments are a huge (and hilarious) part of the site. And with collective user antics, like the and Nebraska license plates pranks, the College Humor community is one entertaining and mischievous bunch certainly worthy of checking out.


If anyone's ever sent you a bizarre news article on the Web, there's a good chance they found it on Fark. Fark is a community focused around discovering and riffing on strange news items. Users are invited to submit links to odd stories to the site's editorial team. Once the Fark staff has posted the strange headlines, members of the Fark community are invited to go wild in the comments section. The stranger or more controversial the story, the more the community will comment and the funnier the conversations will turn.


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Gawker, a Kinja-owned website, is a website that specializes in "snark." While its writers and editors can often be harsh in their write-ups of celebrities, political figures and just about anyone else in the news who invites ridicule, the site's users make the writers and editors look like Ms. Manners.

Kinja commenters are often rude and probably cross the line of good taste more than they should. But they're also almost always funny and generally fairly smart too (as opposed to the often hateful and rather idiotic comments that seem to appear on just about every YouTube video). Recommended for those who like a little mean with their funny.

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