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The Flintstones Car

Meet the Flintstones
'The Flintstones' Pictures Pebbles Flintstone, Wilma Flintstone, Bam Bam Rubble, Fred Flintstone, Betty Rubble and Barney Rubble. TM & © 2010 Cartoon Network

Fred and Wilma, Barney and Betty

The Flintstones pictures are a fun look back at the first major primetime animated series, which was created by the legendary team of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. The Flintstones premiered in ABC on September 30, 1960. Originally titled The Flagstones, The Flintstones was the first cartoon made for television and made for an adult audience. Alan Reed provided the iconic voice of Fred Flintstone, while veteran voice actors Daws Butler, Mel Blanc and Hal  Smith were the voice of Barney Rubble.

The Flintstones was modeled after the most popular TV show on the air at the time: The Honeymooners. You might notice that Fred Flintstone bears a striking resemblance to Jackie Gleason, and that Barney Rubble is the same kind of sidekick that Art Carney played.

Guest stars came and went, including the Gruesomes, a family based on The Addams Family, another popular TV show. They even earned their own specials: "The Flintstones: The Gruesomes" in 1964; and "The Flintstones: The Hatrocks and the Gruesomes" in 1965.

Hard to believe, but The Flintstones never won an Emmy award. In 1961, The Flintstones was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Humor. However, the series held the record for the longest running prime-time animated series, before The Simpsons took the honor.

Several The Flintstones specials have aired since the show's premiere, including "A Flintstone Christmas" in 1977; "A Flintstone Family Christmas" in 1993; "The Flintstones Kids' 'Just Say No' Special" in 1988; "A Flintstones Christmas Carol" in 1994; "The Flintstones: Fred's Final Fling" in 1981; "The Flintstones Jogging Fever" in 1981; "The Flintstones Little Big League" in 1976; "The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone" in 1980; "The Flintstones' New Neighbors" in 1980; "The Flintstones on the Rocks" in 2001; "The Flintstones: Wind-Up Wilma" in 1981.

A picture of The Flintstones characters in Fred Flintstone's car. Bamm Bamm Rubble is on top, then (L-R) Pebbles Flintstone, Wilma Flintstone, Fred Flintstone, Betty Rubble and Barney Rubble. The Flintstones car is sometimes parodied in other cartoons, TV shows and movies, when people use their feet to propel a car.

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50th Anniversary

The Flintstones 50th Anniversary
'The Flintstones' Pictures Dino, Wilma Flintstone, Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble and Wilma Rubble. TM & © 2010 Cartoon Network

Picture of The Flintstones 50th Anniversary. (L-R) Dino, their pet dinosaur, Pebbles Flintstone, Wilma Flintstone, Fred Flintstone, The Great Gazoo, Barney Rubble, Betty Rubble and Bamm Bamm Rubble.

When The Flintstones celebrated their 25th Anniversary, the special was hosted by Tim Conway, Harvey Korman and Vanna White. Harvey Korman is also the voice of The Great Gazoo.

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Quitting Time

Quitting Time for Fred Flintstone
'The Flintstones' Pictures Fred Flintstone at the Quarry. TM & © 2010 Cartoon Network

Picture of quitting time for Fred Flintstone on The Flintstones. Fred Flintstone worked at a rock quarry. Quitting time is when Fred Flintstone can be heard shouting his catchphrase, "Yabba dabba doo!"

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Birth of Pebbles

Birth of Pebbles Flintstone
'The Flintstones' Pictures Baby Pebbles, Wilma and Fred Flintstone. TM & © 2010 Cartoon Network

Picture of the birth of Pebbles Flintstone, with Wilma and Fred.

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Ann-Margrock Dancing with Fred and Barney
'The Flintstones' Pictures Barney Rubble, Ann-Margrock and Fred Flintstone. TM & © 2010 Cartoon Network

(L-R) Barney Rubble, Ann-Margrock (guest star Ann-Margret), and Fred Flintstone on The Flintstones in 1963's "Ann Margrock Presents."

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The Flintstones Christmas
'The Flintstones' Pictures Fred and Wilma Flintstone with Barney and Betty Rubble. TM & © 2010 Cartoon Network

In "A Flintstone Family Christmas," the Flintstones invite a "caveless" boy into their home, only to find out they need to teach him the difference between naughty and nice. "A Flintstone Family Christmas" premiered in 1993. Pictured (L-R) Fred and Wilma Flintstone; Barney and Betty Rubble.