The Evolution of Nick Jonas' Hair

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Nick Jonas' Hair:

Nick Jonas' Hair Evolution
Photos © Dave Hogan & Samir Hussein | Getty Images.

 Nick Jonas, the former mop-topped member of the Jonas Brothers has certainly shown maturity as an artist with the release of his latest hit song 'Jealous.'  Over the years as he has grown, so has his style.  In this feature, we take a look at the Evolution of Nick Jonas' Hair

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Nick Jonas' Hair: The Shaggy Years

Nick Jonas Shaggy Style
Photo © Dave Hogan | Getty Images.

In the early days of his popularity Nick Jonas wore his curly hair in long tousled layers.  He has great hair and I think this was not a bad look for him -- if you've got that head of hair, why not show it off?  Of course, as the years have passed, he's gone shorter and shorter...

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Nick Jonas' Hair:  Shorter But Still Curly

Nick Jonas Curly Hairstyle
Photo © Jean Baptiste Lacroix | Getty Images.

 Nick started to show a little maturity with this slightly shorter, but still curly hairstyle.  For this style, the hair is cut in long layers all over, but slightly tapered around the sides and back.  This was not my favorite look for him as I think the style was a bit too round for his face shape.  In the years to follow, he starts to get it right...

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Nick Jonas' Hair:  Leaner Curly Style

Nick Jonas Curly Hairstyle
Photo © John Shearer | Getty Images.

This is the curly style I think works best on Nick Jonas'  The hair is cut in medium layers all over and worn loose (separation is added by using a curl defining cream).   

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Nick Jonas' Hair:  Short and Textured

Nick Jonas Short Haircut
Photo © Noel Vasquez | Getty Images.

This particular haircut was significant for Nick as it was his early venture into shorter hair and it worked very well for him.  The hair frames his face quite well and his curly hair works well for the texture, which was cut to a perfect length for this style.  

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Nick Jonas' Hair:  The Buzzcut Scandal

Nick Jonas Buzzcut
Photo © Rachael Murray | Getty Images.

I'm not sure whether Nick went to a stylist for this cut or if he grabbed a pair of clippers and buzzed his head at home, but this one was a game changer.  Teenage girls wept, record execs panicked.  It was the buzzcut that rocked the world. Okay, so it wasn't that big a deal, but this was a transition for Nick from boy to man and he's made some great choices since this scandalous buzzcut!

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Nick Jonas' Hair:  The Fade

Nick Jonas Tight Fade Haircut
Photo © Kevin Winter | Getty Images.

 If I had to pick one haircut that really stands out, it was this tight fade.  I love the contrast between the scalp exposure on the sides and the slightly longer top (still long enough to let the great texture of his hair show).  This cut is masculine and easy to wear.

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Nick Jonas' Hair:  The Classic Taper

Nick Jonas Classic Taper
Photo © Frazer Harrison | Getty Images.

This classic taper is another really great option for Nick  The hair is clipped aggressively short on the sides and back and blended into a few inches on top.  A light pomade is used to create shine and control.  The hair is cleanly parted to the side for a classic look.  He could also wear this style with a matte finish product and more texture for a casual finish.  That's the thing I really love about the classic taper -- it's short and masculine, but still versatile enough to change up a bit.  

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Nick Jonas' Hair:  The Pompadour

Nick Jonas Pompadour Haircut
Photo © Samir Hussein | Getty Images.

For this slightly disconnected pompadour, the hair is clipped close and high on the sides and back  (this is about a three blade) and left several inches and disconnected (not blended) into the top.  Pomade is used to style the pompadour up and back and add shine.  I like this look as it is short and lean (which frames his face well), but long enough on top to let his thick, wavy hair really shine.  I get the feeling I'll be updating this article from time to time as his look continues to evolve.  Nick has a great head of hair and always seems to make great choices.  I'm 'Jealous.'  See what I did there?